10 Things to Keep Out of Your Toilet


Kids look at the toilet as a magic portal that transports objects to another dimension. However, as they grow, they realize that’s not true. The toilet can’t flush everything. Putting items that your toilet is unable to flush can lead to blockages, overflows, etc. These toilet problems require the assistance of Stockton plumbers. Ignoring or delaying them can lead to major damages and costlier repair.
To help you keep your toilet functioning as normal, here’s a list of 10 things you need to stop flushing down your toilet.

1. Diapers

While what’s inside the diaper is usually flushed, you cannot put the whole diaper. Always throw diapers in the dustbin.

2. Oils and Fats

Just like oils and fats clog arteries, they can also eventually clog your pipes. So, do not pour them into the sink. You can either strain and reuse the oil or store them in a container to dispose of.

3. Towels and Wipes

Some wipes say flushable. However, they have been found to create major clogs. Although it is convenient to throw paper towels and wipes in the toilet, they can severely damage the pipes and sewers.

4. Sanitary Pads

Feminine products are not great to put in the toilet. They are super absorbent, but you cannot flush them.

5. Medicines

Medicines are for your recovery. However, if you put them into your water supply, they create ills for wildlife. Moreover, they can block your pipes and restrict the flow of water.

6. Hair

You may enjoy cutting your hair, but it isn’t a good idea to flush them down the drain. Hair can act as a net and catch other waste as it goes down. Hair tends to clog bathtub and shower drain. It can create big blockages, resulting in the need for professional drain cleaning Stockton.

7. Paint

Pouring paint down the drain can be disastrous. It can harm the local water supply. So drop off cans at hazardous waste facilities or recycle them at participating stores. That being said, you can wash off brushes in the sink.

8. Rubber

Rubber items don’t break down. So, don’t put your gloves or condoms in the toilet. It will only lead to a clog and cause further plumbing problems.

9. Small items

Kids tend to throw pencils, needles, small toy parts, and toys in the toilet. They think it is gone. However, you know that it gets stuck. Tell your kids what they can throw and what they can’t. If possible, keep the cover of their toilet closed until needed for use.

10. Large quantities of toilet paper

You can easily flush toilet paper, but not in large quantities. You cannot flush the whole or half roll at once. Like many other things in life, it is important to use it in moderation.
Summing up

Flushing the wrong items down your toilet is harmful to your plumbing system. Moreover, it pollutes the local water sources. Poor water supply and a damaged plumbing system can cause severe problems. You will then have to get in touch with professional plumbers to take care of leaking toilets, clogged pipes, broken faucets, or water heater repair Stockton.