3 Most Common Plumbing Problems

3 plumbing problems

Owning a home is both a blessing and a great achievement, but along with it comes a group of responsibilities and possible issues, plumbing being one of them. You don’t recognize the importance of a good plumbing service until you have to deal with dripping faucets, leaky pipes, broken water heaters, etc. It’s a given that with time and aging of certain equipment, wear and tear will occur, which you can, for the most part, handle yourself. But, for bigger, more technical, you’ll need to contact a local plumber in San Jose in order to confirm that you are keeping your home and equipment within it in good shape.

In order to properly handle a plumbing issue, knowledge on the common problems that may occur is extremely important. Here are some of the issues you may face and the reasons for each of them:

Common Plumbing Problems and why they Happen

1. Leaky Pipes and faucets
Leaky pipes and faucets are common occurrences in most homes and apartments, which don’t seem like a big problem initially, but if ignored for long, can add up additional zeroes in your water bill, not to mention, it’s a waste of water. Getting your leaky faucet or pipe fixed not only helps the environment, but you can also save up to 10% on your water bill.

The reason why pipes or faucets start leaking is mostly due to high water pressure, deterioration, and shifting of the lines. In the case of faucets, if the seal on the tap gets damaged, a leak occurs.

2. Water Heater Problems
A water heater is a must in any home, especially in winters. This equipment needs regular maintenance checks; otherwise, it can chalk up quite a huge plumbing bill if left ignored. Luckily, most water heater problems are relatively minor and easy to detect, the most common one being lack of hot water. Other issues include dripping water, loud noises coming from the water heater, discolored water, and puddles of water.

People face water heater issues mostly because of leaks, faulty electrical connections, and mineral deposits in the water heater, which cause clogging and lessen the efficiency of the water heater. You should immediately call a trusted plumbing company for all water heater issues and water heater installations in San Jose.

3. Clogged Drains and Toilets
To spot clogged drains, faucets, or toilets, you need to check if water backs up or overflows. You can check this whenever you flush the toilet, take a shower, or empty the sink. Clearing this blockage doesn’t require a ton of work, so you can try to do it yourself, or you could always hire a plumber for drain cleaning in San Jose.

Normally, clogged or slow drains occur is because of a blockage. For showers and sinks, it’s usually due to hair getting tangled in the drain, while for toilets, it could result from trying to flush something besides dissolvable waste.

Most plumbing problems can be quickly resolved with frequent maintenance checks. By doing so, the plumbing services can assess all the equipment, as well as the taps and pipes that need to be fixed, installed, cleaned, or replaced so that you never have to stress over any plumbing issue. Get in touch with a local plumbing company in San Jose to quickly get this done.