3 Most Common Questions Answered about Hidden Water Leaks

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It’s so important to identify hidden leaks in your plumbing because these have the potential to become serious and turn expensive plumbing Sacramento CA issues. Water leaks can be hard to identify if they are hidden from your eyes and you can’t find them easily. Some of the most common reasons for developing water leaks are rapid temperature change, foundation issues, high water pressure, and pipe damage or degradation. Water leaks will cause damage to your home’s foundation, mold growth, and increased water bills. On top of that, these types of repairs can become expensive for repair if undetected for long.

This is why, whenever you notice tell-tale signs of a leak, water leaks should be identified by plumbing professionals as soon as possible to reduce the damage caused by them.

As a homeowner, you may have some questions about hidden leaks.

In this blog, we will cover the most common questions asked about hidden water leaks by homeowners :

How can I identify my home has a hidden water leak?

By paying attention to the tell-tale signs shown by hidden leaks, there is a chance you can recognize them before they become serious.
Here are some most common warning signs you should notice that tells you have hidden leaks:

  • Wall damages
  • Discolored area in your yard
  • Surging water bills.
  • Musty smell
  • Peeling paint on walls.
  • Flooding on the floor or wet floors
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • An area in the yard is greener than the rest
  • Patches on the ceiling ( discoloration on the wall or ceiling)
  • Damaged flooring

How does a professional plumber identify leaks?

For detecting leaks, a plumber can use some of the tools, techniques, and strategies. He can use an acoustic listening device, heat scanners, a very small camera for video pipe inspection, and other equipment to locate the leak. Once the leak is located by using different methods, they will decide on which repair method will be used to fix the leak. He might replace or repair the pipe after evaluating the scope of the damage and finding the exact spot where the leak is present. You should always rely on a professional plumbing company in Sacramento to detect hidden leaks as they will correctly identify the cause and remedy it or replace it.

How to prevent water leaks?

If you don’t pay attention to your plumbing maintenance, you are most likely to experience water damage or water leaks.
Here are some ways to avoid water leaks in your home:

  • Repairs your faulty faucet or replace it if needed
  • Have your pipes inspected by plumbing professionals regularly, and have them replaced if they are corroded and declining.
  • Check your drain pipes, and make sure they are working well. To prevent leaks in the drain pipes and under the sink, it’s important to ensure your drains are clog-free and working efficiently. Have your drains cleaned regularly by licensed drain cleaning Sacramento experts to keep them in good condition.
  • Don’t keep things under your sink cabinet. Don’t make it all packed with stuff. The stuff lying under the cabinet can hit pipes and damage them.