3 Top Maintenance Tips for Floor Drains

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Unlike kitchen and other sink drains, floor drains are the ones that often go unnoticed. Floor drains are the drains that are found in the backyard, basement floor laundry areas, bathroom floor, and garage. If the floor drains are not working properly, they can cause flooding and costly drainage repairs. But with maintenance and good habits, you can prevent clogged floor drains most of the time. Besides this, it’s important to get a drainage problem addressed on time by calling good plumbers San Jose. Even the smallest issue has the potential to become big so maintenance and early detection of a problem can help save money and prevent serious drainage problems.

Let’s explore the 3 maintenance tips for floor drains:

Have your floor drains cleaned periodically by a professional service
Keeping your drains clean and clear will prevent clogging issues that may occur after some time. So, make sure you follow a drain cleaning schedule and don’t allow anything to go down the floor drains. Floor drains need maintenance and regular cleaning service to prevent clogs and keep the drain working effectively.

Apart from this, as a homeowner, you should be mindful of the things you throw down the drain. Thus, never neglect your floor drains and maintain them regularly.

Drain traps need to be filled Often
The drains are located at floor work send the wastewater to the sewer system. So, drain traps are to allow the wastewater to drain and keep the sewer smell from making its way to your home surroundings, and drains. Drain traps require filling in order to work properly and keep the drain dry. Thus, you have to ensure that these traps are being filled monthly.
Pouring water down the floor drains and other drains is a vital part of drain maintenance.

Seek professional help when you suspect there is a slower floor drain
If your floor drain slowly drains the water, it means you might have clog down there. After you notice a slower floor drain, be quick to call a professional drain cleaning San Jose service for clog removal. Because the earlier you act to address a clog problem, you are less likely to face a flooding situation later on. Failing to address early signs of clog can later turn into flooring, which can lead to deterioration of your home’s floor and property.

It’s not necessary to call professionals to remove clogs, sometimes, you can handle clog issues also. With the right tools, you can make the floor drain clog-free. Make use of a plunger to remove the clog first. If it doesn’t work, call professionals. You can also use some DIY cleaning methods to get rid of clogs in floor drains.

To bottom it up
It’s easy to neglect your floor drains. But they will soon become a big and expensive problem when not take care of properly. Prevention and maintenance can go a long way when it comes to keeping your floor drains working efficiently. Just as you follow the water heater maintenance schedule to prevent water heater repair San Jose needs, you need to follow the drain maintenance schedule too. Because everything that you use on a daily basis needs maintenance and care.