4 Household Products You Should Never Flush Down The Drain


You may know the basics when it comes to things that shouldn’t be poured down your drain or flushed down your toilet like bacon grease and cooking oil. But there are other household items aside from food-related greases that can cause clogs in your main sewer line.

Here are some of the products you use every day that can cause major issues for the environment and your plumbing system that you need to keep out of your pipes.

  1. Medications. When you have expired medications, you may feel compelled to flush them down the toilet rather than throw them away. But both aren’t recommended. Flushing your medications down the drain can send those prescriptions into the local water supply, lakes, rivers, oceans, and ground water. If you have extra medication you need to get rid of, take it to your local pharmacy.
  2. Coffee grounds and egg shells. When you’re cooking, you might crack your eggs into a bowl and then drop the egg shells into the garbage disposal since you’re over by the sink to wash your hands anyway. But just because egg shells and coffee grounds can be composted doesn’t mean they’re safe for the drain. Nearby plumbers will attest that coffee grounds and egg shells are frequent causes of clogged drains. That said, leave these items for the compost pile.
  3. Paint. This item surprises many people who probably remember washing out their paint brushes and pouring paint down the sink in art class as kids. But paint can actually negatively impact the water supply and surrounding ecosystems because of the chemicals it contains. If you have old paint to dispose of, take it to your local community recycling center.
  4. Pre-moistened wipes. Unless the package outright says the product is able to be flushed, don’t assume that moist towelettes can be flushed down the toilet. Pre-moistened wipes that aren’t designed for flushing can block pipes and increase the probability of a sewer backup or overflow.

Where can I find a nearby plumber?

The average U.S. household uses approximately 300 gallons of water per day. But while you’re using that water, it’s important not to pour anything that could be harmful to your plumbing system or the environment down the drain.

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