4 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacement


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Did you know that indoor plumbing dates back to 2500 B.C.? Of course, we’ve made a lot of progress since then. From the showers to laundry, warm water is vital for almost all house chores, explaining why plumbing is still essential today.

Similar to any other appliance in your home, your water heater is bound to malfunction at some point. Keep reading for the top indicators of water heater replacement.


Water heaters generally last between eight and 10 years before failing. When last was your appliance replaced? How about its production date?

Modern-day homes are characterized by state-of-the-art equipment, most of which will serve you for up to 10 years. Even before the tenth year, you should have plans to replace most appliances.

Sometimes, heaters will not show signs of aging from the outside. However, this should not be an excuse for not replacing them. Waiting for obvious aging signs can sometimes result in serious accidents that can easily cost you a fortune.

Weird Sounds

Another prominent sign of an ailing heater is noise emanating from the tank. As the device ages, the rumbling sounds will become louder and louder. Depending on the required volume of water, these rumbling noises can be a nuisance to the entire household.

Contact your local plumbing company the moment you hear unusual sounds. The corrective approach employed will depend on the cause of the rumbling noise. In some instances, the sounds are a result of sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. Whenever sedimentation is to blame for the mess, local plumbing companies will recommend effective correction approaches to reverse the condition. Flush the heater as a maintenance practice and the sound will be eliminated. If the rumbling sound is a result of old age, the best you can do is buy a new water heater.


Have you noticed any moisture accumulating around your water heater? The moisture you see around your water heater could be a result of a small leak or a fracture in the tank. Depending on the positioning of your water heater, the leaks can cause severe damage to your property.

The little drips you notice on your heater escalate quickly. Look for emergency plumbing service to check on your water heater leak problem before things get worse. In most cases, the water heater leak is brought about by the expansion of metal found in the inner section of the tank.

The expansion is mainly due to the multiple heating cycles that a typical heater has to go through. The multiple expansions and contractions lead to the formation of small fractures. Call nearby plumbers the moment you spot these fractures, even if they are small enough to prevent any leaks. When replacing your water heater, ensure that no leaks are emanating from nearby fittings and other connections to the tank. The pressure overflow pipe shouldn’t be leaking, either.

Cold Water

Cold water is the most obvious indication that your water heater is up for replacement. In modern households, hot water has become a necessity to the extent that simple activities like washing of hands depend on it.

The loss of heat in your water plumbing can be caused by issues like thermostat adjustment and a broken heating element. With the right nearby plumbing service, these faults can be detected and rectified instead of replacing the entire water heating system.

In other cases, the loss of water heat is as a result of the correlation between tank size and the demand for hot water. A heating device doesn’t heat water instantly. The water will settle in the heating tank for some time.

When the demand for warm water is high, there won’t be enough time for the water to stand in the tank to allow for heating. In such unique circumstances, engage your local plumber for recommendations on alternative water heating systems.

Final Word

Water is among the most utilized resources in modern households. You will need warm water more often, keep an eye to your water heating system by thoroughly inspecting it for leaks and other signs of aging on a regular basis. If you are looking to hire reliable and experienced plumbers in Sacramento to solve your water heater leak problems, contact us today.