4 Tell-tale Signs Your Water Heater System Is Near To Its Failure

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Hot water is one of the greatest comforts people enjoy in winters. We can’t imagine a single day where we have been inaccessible to hot water. So when an unexpected failure happens to our water heater system, it leaves us feeling troubled and confused. We generally don’t expect our water heater system to fail if we didn’t experience any issue in the heating of water with our eyes. In fact, many people are not aware of the small problematic signs which can indicate an impending water heater failure.

If you ignore the signs of a problem, you will be up the creek. The irony with water heater systems is that as long as people are getting hot water, they think that there is not a tangible issue they need to address. Thus, it’s important to recognize these signs and fix the problem, calling professionals for water heater repair in San Jose.

But the question is, how can you address these symptoms and signs?

This blog through the problematic signs that tell that your water heater system is on the brink of failure:

  • The water is rusty
  • If you see rusty water or muddy water coming out of the faucets, this is a sign that the water heater system is aging. When a water heater is too old, it begins to rust from inside. As a result, the bottom part of the tank will get accumulated with this rust residue. So, this can have a serious impact on the drain valve. This issue can make the drain valve become clogged, further slowing down the heating of water.

    Besides, this also can make the bottom of the tank overheated, destroying the water heater tank.

    To solve this problem, you may need to have the anode rod replaced. Seek help from qualified and skilled plumbers in San Jose, once you address this issue.

  • It makes loud or strange sounds
  • Another sign that indicates a water heater problem is hearing loud or strange noises from your water heater. Weird noises often come when there is a residue rested in the bottom of your tank. As this buildup gets heated, you will hear unusual noises. If there are any constant or non-uniform noises experienced by you, take action and call plumbing services maintenance. This problem can be prevented by regular maintenance and flushing the system every 6 months. Proper drain cleaning in San Jose.

  • The water smells so bad or foul
  • Foul-smelling water is a sign that the water heater system has bacteria stored in its basin. You can get rid of this problem by regularly flushing the water heater tank. This can be done by putting a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water into the basin. If you still face this problem after flushing the tank with this solution, it’s time to seek professional help from a good plumbing company.

  • You discover Leaking
  • The water heater tank that is being rusted and corroded is highly susceptible to leakage. Be prompt when it comes to recognizing leaks. Don’t ignore any leaks. Leaks can damage your water heater over time.

Last, act up quickly if you want to prevent a small issue from becoming a grave issue by regularly checking the signs and symptoms of impending failure.