4 The Most Common Types Of Water Heater Repair Needs

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Hot water is our everyday need in winters. And yet, many people tend to forget its maintenance and keep a check on it until you see a major issue showing up. Well, appliances will suffer wear and tear with time, which can eventually lead to water heater repair Stockton needs. Water heater problems also can cause increased energy bills. Therefore, it’s important to look for warning signs that tell the water heater unit is having a problem.

Here are the most common types of water heater repairs that need assistance from professional plumber:

  • Replacement of heating elements

Electric water heaters contain two heating elements that work to heat the stored water inside the tank. If one of these has burned out or failed prior to the other, it will cause a decrease in water temperature. Thus, you will experience lukewarm water or water that is not hot as you want. So, this call for replacing the heating element which has failed. Call a professional plumber that specializes in water heater repair to inspect your water heater. He will replace one or both heating elements if needed and you will be able to get hot water again.

  • Broken Dip Tubes

Modern water heaters contain a dip tube. The dip tube is designed to collect the freshwater that comes from municipal water supply and send it to the water heater’s tank. Once it reaches the tank, a heat exchanger comes into play and transfers its heat to water stored in the storage tank. When the water begins to heats up, it rises and reaches back to the top of the tank. In the event of broken dip tubes, the cold water will get mixed with the hot water.
As a result, you will have warm water instead of hot water. Broken dip tubes are one of the most common causes for hot water issues turning up suddenly. Contact a licensed one of the top Stockton plumbers to have it resolved.

A faulty Burner

If you have a gas-fired water heater, you may encounter problems with the burner. If the pilot light is struggling to get lit or is not igniting, it means you may have a faulty burner.
This is an issue that needs an expert to look over the matter as they have the needed tools and experience to handle the problem. Never try to deal with the natural gas issue on your own as your health will get impacted if you try to attempt it.

  • Leaking water heater’s tank

A leaking water may lead to an entire water heater replacement. The leak in the water heater can occur due to the excessive corrosion at the bottom or top of the tank. Water heater leaks are a serious problem as it can pose a danger to the whole family and home. If you find your water heater leaking, shut off the main water supply of your home. Then, speak to professional water heater repair and drain cleaning Stockton experts for a visit and address the problem.
It’s good to go for replacement rather than spending money consistently on repeated repair needs.