6 Plumbing Mistakes That Can be Costly

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We take our house’s plumbing for granted until something goes wrong. Plumbing problems that start small or seem simple can easily get expensive over time if go unnoticed. Plumbers Oakland have shared what are the most common plumbing mistakes homeowners do that could be costly and become serious plumbing issues.

Being a homeowner, you need to aware of these costly mistakes so that you can avoid or correct them to keep your home’s environment safe and comfortable.

So, here is a list of those costly plumbing mistakes :

Using chemical drain Cleaners
While the chemicals used in drain cleaners will clear the clogs in your sinks and bathroom, they can harm your plumbing pipes. The chemicals present in them cause corrosion in the pipes, which could lead to leaks. On top of that, the use of chemical drain cleaners can cause health problems too. So, avoid using a chemical drain cleaner to unclog the drains. Instead, you can use vinegar and baking soda solution or hot water, or plungers to clear the clog. If the clog still refused to clear, call Oakland drain cleaning experts.

Keeping your sink cabinet area to store stuff
Sink cabinets should stay clear of stuff, except a small trash can, trash bags, and cleaning products. Don’t keep flammable products, kitchen towels, other plumbing parts as they can get ruin them if any leaks happen.

Not turning off your main water valve when you are away from your home
Before you leave your home for a vacation or business tour, it’s important to check your home’s plumbing, especially the water valve. Turn it off to avoid water damage during the time when you are not home. Therefore, don’t forget to turn off your home’s main water valve.

You didn’t insulate your pipes
In winter, the water inside the outside pipe will freeze up. This can cause the pipe to leak or even burst. This can cost you money due to water damage and you will need pipe replacement. Pipe insulation will prevent this and will keep the water at a temperature you will set. This will save you from costly repairs and the replacement of pipes.

Trying DIY to fix the issue

DIY (Do It Yourself) can only be fruitful if you have the proper tools and knowledge to fix the issue. The wrong knowledge or method can do more harm than fixing it. Rather than fixing the issue, you can make it more expensive and cause more damage. Attempting repairs by watching videos or gaining information from the internet can fix the issue but the repair may not be long-lasting. When it comes to the water heater, DIYing is not a good idea as the system is very complex and can be dangerous to deal with on your own. For an effective and safe repair solution, it’s best to call a water heater repair Oakland professional at your home

Flushing anything down the toilet drain
Don’t flush things down the toilet, except toilet paper, or be ready to face a serious clog in the sewer line.

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