6 Things That You Should Never Pour Down Your Drains

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We have all done it. We have all mindlessly poured things down the drains. But do you know these habits can leave you with a clogged drain, seeking a drain cleaning service from local plumbing Sacramento CA experts? Surprised Your sink and bathroom drains are not for wastage disposal. No matter what amount of food particles you have let fall into the drains periodically, it can cause damage to your drains, and can eventually lead to clogs. Seeing your sink drain clogged is the most frustrating thing.

Therefore, don’t take your drains for granted, as there may come a day when these successfully operating drains are clogged, backed up, and need repairs due to poor care habits.

If you want your drains to be healthy and clog-free, note the following items that should not be poured down the drains of your house:

  • Flour

Flour, when comes in contact with water, changes its form into a glue-like consistency. So, always remember that flour will impact your drainage pipes and can lead to clogs.

  • Fat, Oil, and Grease

When it comes to cleaning after you have prepared your meal, people tend to let the leftovers like oil, fat, and grease let slip into their kitchen sink without thinking about the consequences it may have in the future. These are worst for sink drains. These things turn hard and congeal once they are cooled down. The substances then accumulates in your pipes and gets become hardened over time. This also allows the other things being put down drains to get stuck onto them.
As a result, you are most likely to have a severe clog.

  • Diapers

Don’t flush diapers into your toilet. They will clog your toilet drains. Condoms and feminine hygiene products are also things which don’t dissolve in water and are non-biodegradable. So, all of these products can easily get stuck in the toilet drain pipes, and will call for a costly repair and professional drain cleaning Sacramento services

  • Hair

While showering or taking baths, it’s easy to let the hair go down the drain. It’s usually no problem if it is just a few strands, but the more you continue letting it down the drains, one day, you will end up creating a severe clog in your bathroom.

  • Coffee Grounds

Coffee may seem harmless for your drains as it has so fine particles. However, many plumbing professionals have found coffee to be a significant reason for clogging in the drains.

  • Dental Floss

Dental floss is both bad for your drains and your environment. Once it gets flushed and finds its way down the sink, it transforms itself into a net, further giving it. the potential to cause the toughest clogs.

  • Egg Shells, and hard Food Waste

Putting egg shells down the drain can easily clog your drains . They get grinded with the help of garbage disposal and get stuck onto the other things poured down, creating a clog mess.

Final words:

Whenever you find drains to be slower or clogged, don’t delay in seeking the help of professional drain cleaning and water heater repair Sacramento services.

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