Buying a New Home? Here’s the Plumbing Inspection Checklist

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When buying a home, people usually check the facade of the home, they often neglect the most important part, which is plumbing. While buying a home, there is more to its exteriors and surface.

Most homes don’t get sold in the market due to poor plumbing. No one wants to invest in a home only to end up with several plumbing problems after you start living in that home and incurring expensive repairs. Suppose, you wake up one morning in that home only to discover that the drainpipe of your kitchen sink is leaking. Your happy and exciting experience to live in a new home can turn into an unpleasant experience and leave you calling an emergency plumber Oakland service to remedy the issue.

You can’t figure out how many plumbing issues a home has until you don’t inspect and check all essential plumbing things before you buy a home.

Here is an essential plumbing inspection checklist you need to follow to make sure that the home you wish to buy has a good plumbing system.

Toilets: Inspect its base to see if there are leaks. Make sure the drain works properly by flushing all the toilets in the home. Draining issues in the toilet can be a sign of clogs in some of its drains.

Water quality: Check the water for any type of odor or rust. A musty odor usually means the pipes have accumulated food waste, soap, hair, and other debris that needs to be cleaned. If it has a different color or is appearing brown in color, it could mean that water coming from municipal water corporations has is not healthy and has issues in it or pipes have mineral and sediment buildup.

Water heater: Don’t forget to check the water heater, as a faulty water heater could lead to expensive water heater repair Oakland or even replacement. The water heater should not be too old, generally, a water heater has a service life of 10 years. So, consider its age and also make sure the size of the heater is enough to meet your family’s water needs.

Check the sewer pipes

Especially if the home is too old and is 20 years old, you should have a professional check the condition of the sewer pipes. It’s common to see tree root intrusion in sewer lines in homes that are too old. Even if it is not old or very new, having your sewer line is crucial to identify developing and existing problems in the pipes. This can prevent expensive sewer line repairs down the line and mitigate the need for repeated drain cleaning Oakland.

Water Flow: You need to test if the water coming out of the faucet has a steady flow or not. The water should flow in a steadfast manner instead of dripping and trickling. Experiencing slow water flow can indicate a clog in the sewer and drain pipes or the home has older pipes with extremely delayed maintenance.