Five Common Drainage Problems

drainage problem

Drainage problems often go unnoticed. Since the drain system is built underground, most homeowners hope there’s nothing wrong with them. One of the first signs indicating a problem with your drain is water draining at a much slower pace than usual. The other is a nasty niff.

Every year, professional plumbers attend to thousands of requests for drain cleaning in Modesto. Another common request is water heater repair in Modesto. A dysfunctional plumbing system with slow water flow can cause problems in the water heater and other appliances in your bathroom.

Here is a compilation of the top five most common drainage troubles that property owners face:

  1. Blockages

There are very few properties that do not suffer from the problem of blockages in drains. Blocked drains appear slowly, often taking several years to come into notice. Generally, they are caused by hair, coffee grinds, and fat accumulation.

While you will come across many DIY methods to unblock your drains, you cannot try them till you know what is causing the blockage. There are chances that some of these methods can cause more harm than good.

Many professional plumbing companies can unblock your drains efficiently and quickly. You need to book the services at the right time.

  1. Open/Displaced Joints

Due to ground movement, your pipes can have displaced or open joints. As a result, wastewater can begin leaking through the gaps into surrounding areas. It can cause potential structural damage. Moreover, the pipe can break after losing support, leading to a different level of trouble and hassle.

  1. Cracks and Fractures

Drain pipes go through excessive wear and tear. It results in fractures. The most common position of fractures is pipe joints, but you can also notice them further down. Cracks and fractures let wastewater leak into the surrounding areas, thereby making the ground structure weaker.

  1. Root Intrusions

If there is an old tree near your house, there are chances that its roots burrow deep into the ground and damage your pipework. Roots require oxygen, water, and nutrients. Sewer system pipes have all these elements in abundance. So roots tend to penetrate any opening to find their way through. Generally, they enter through the pipe joints. But at times, they may also create a hole in the drainage pipework.

If there’s a bad smell and you see wastewater seeping out, there is a chance that the root system has started to grow within the pipe. In certain cases, debris like fats and tissue paper can also get stuck and cause water to flow slower through the pipe.

  1. Broken or Collapsed Portions of Pipe

A collapsed pipe can restrict the flow of wastewater and not let it leave your property. It means that water seeps out into the surrounding areas. Seepage is a worry as it can lead to several other troubles. Water can flow into the ground around the pipe, causing dampness and mold growth on the walls and floor of your home. Accumulation of water can further become a breeding ground for pests and rodents like mosquitoes and flies.

You must contact professional Modesto plumbers at the first sign of a drainage problem since delaying action can lead to more headaches.

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