Good Habits: How to Keep Your Home’s Plumbing in Good Shape

Good Habits: How to Keep Your Home’s Plumbing in Good Shape

Most homeowners don’t think about plumbing until they see a clogged sink or another plumbing issue. Plumbing is an aspect of a home or building that we heavily rely on and should not be ignored. Whenever you notice a sign of a plumbing problem, it’s important to contact a good  Plumbing Company in Oakland for repairs. Many plumbing issues can be prevented if you follow good plumbing habits. There are some things you can do as a homeowner to keep the plumbing in your home in good shape and avoid costly plumbing repairs.

Keep reading to discover the 5 best habits that help keep plumbing problems at bay and prevent expensive plumbing issues :

Always think twice before you throw something in your drains

In plumbing, clogged pipes and sewer lines are very common. Clogs and blockages in drain lines are generally due to what you do with your drains. Have you ever paused and thought twice before throwing something in your drain? No, most people who face clogs in their drains don’t bother about what goes down the drain. Food scraps, fats, oil, grease, and peels are not meant to go down the drains. Throw them in the disposal bin instead of letting them go in your kitchen sink drain. These types of food waste get hardened inside the pipe and lead to clogs over time.

When it comes to toilet drains, never throw anything other than toilet paper in the drain. Bathroom drains also need to be kept away from hairs, soapy shampoos, and other debris to avoid serious clogs. Call experts of regular drain cleaning in Oakland from time to time to ensure you have clear and well-functioning drains.

Tips to prevent clogs

  • Use drain filters
  • Clean your drain with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar regularly
  • Stop letting the things that cause clogs to go down your drains

Overtightening of faucets cause problems

Faulty washer causes leaking faucets. A washer can get worn down if you over-tighten a faucet. Overtightening can cause cracks in fittings. You won’t experience the damage immediately in this case. Because it can take up to weeks for issues to show up. Always tighten the faucet as much to let the water keep flowing easily. Also, reaching out to professional plumbers when you need plumbing help is a good habit to ensure no damage happens.

You need to maintain your water heater regularly

If you want to make sure your water heater unit provides you with hot water every time you turn on the tap, never skip regular maintenance of the water heater. Apart from that, maintaining a water heater once a year also encourages safety and extends its lifespan. Water heaters can last up to 15 years with good maintenance and care. Most plumbing needs for water heater repair in Oakland can be prevented with routine maintenance of your water heating unit.

On the other hand, poor maintenance can lead to emergencies at your home. Sediment buildup and rusting are serious issues of water heating units. With routine maintenance, these issues will be detected and resolved before they cause a permanent failure, leading to water heater replacement.