Handy Plumbing Tricks and Tips


Plumbing problems can be a headache. In certain situations, you need to contact the plumbers in Modesto so that you get instant relief from the inconvenience. Today, we’ve compiled a list of some interesting tips for solving common plumbing problems.

  1. Prevent sink-sprayer hang-ups

If your faucet sprayer does not pull out as it is supposed to, the hose may be getting stuck with the shut-off valves. It is also possible that there are too many things under your sink, making it difficult for the faucet to retract back up.

An easy way to fix this problem is to add on a ½-inch foam pipe insulation to cover the shut-off handles and pipes. If the number of things is a problem, you must shift and make space for the hose to easily move.

  1. Silence creaking pipes

When hot water runs through copper pipes, they tend to grind and expand against pipe joists and hangers. Take some adhesive-backed felt and make smaller strips of it. After that, remove the hanger and wrap the pipes in an adhesive-backed felt before fastening them on the hanger again.

  1. Reduce sink noise

Deaden the sound of stainless steel basins using expanding foam. Place the foam between the two sinks to fill the space. As the gap is removed, it reduces the gong effect and deadens vibrations.

You can add foam while the sink is attached, but if you do so at the time of installation, it is easier, and the result is much neater. Make sure you allow the foam to harden and then use a knife to remove the excess.

  1. Bucket flush

There’s no need to rush to the neighbor’s bathroom if yours is out of order. Before you stop the water supply to prevent water wastage from a leaking toilet, fill water in 2-gallon buckets. Dump the bucket water in the bowl and use the flush as you would normally. You can use one bucket for one flush. This method works just as great as the usual process, but it doesn’t fill the bowl for next use.

  1. Take an X-ray of the walls

At the time of remodeling, remember to click pictures of what’s inside the walls. These pictures are not for any beauty purpose, but they help you know where the electrical wiring and plumbing lines are. You can use these pictures at the time of water heater repair in Modesto since you’ll know where the pipes are and where you need to break to diagnose and resolve the problem.

  1. Empty the trap

A clogged or blocked sink can make it difficult for you to use your kitchen sink. As you start to remove the sink trap, use a plunger to give the drain a few plunges. This action will bring a lot of water out of the trap. As a result, the mess will lessen when you pull the trap. You can also take the assistance of professionals for drain cleaning in Modesto if you are unable to manage it on your own.

  1. Get an inside view

Use a camera to take a look at hidden spaces. Wherever you see a hole in the ceiling or wall, take a picture with the digital camera to see what is inside those dark spaces. Having an understanding of where the electrical wires and pipes are is helpful.

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