Here’s Why Your Electric Water Heater Might be Overheating

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If the water coming out of your faucets is too hot, you have a serious problem with your electric water heater. When it comes to electric water heater problems, they could be more than an inconvenience. Overheating an electric water heater can comprise the safety of you and your family.  In addition, it can damage the parts and elements inside the water heater, which will cost you a substantial amount of money for water heater repair Modesto. Therefore, it’s important to find the causes why it is overheating and get this problem addressed.

Let’s find out the top reasons why it is overheating:

Mineral buildup

If the water entering your home has sediment, and other minerals in it, it will start to stick to the bottom of the water heater tank. Over time, this will lead to mineral and sediment buildup inside the tank’s bottom. This sediment buildup can also start to collect around the heating elements of your water heater.  Now, the heating elements are coated with these minerals, calcium, and sediment buildup, which means the water heater will work harder. This can cause the heating elements to become overheated, fail, and even damaged completely.

Setting the temperature too high

If the temperature of the water heater is set too high, it will overheat. Generally, it is recommended to set this temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes, the dial indicator can be accidentally set high. So, check the setting and reset it back to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature level higher than this will give too hot water that’s not comfortable for the skin.

If it still overheats, you need to take assistance from Modesto plumbers that handle water heater issues. Sometimes, the water heater can also shift its setting to too high a temperature. This situation must be handled by certified water heater repair experts as they can find out the cause and fix this correctly and effectively.

The pressure relief valve has failed

A broken pressure relief valve can cause a lot of harm to your water heater and you. When the pressure relief valve fails, the steam buildup inside doesn’t have a way to come out. This can not only be a safety risk for you but will also damage your tank completely. Once you notice the water is boiling inside the tank, switch off the power of the water heater. Schedule a visit from the experienced water heater and drain cleaning Modesto professionals to address the problem at the earliest. In this case, you will need a replacement of your pressure relief valve.

Final words

Overheating problems in your electric water can be too dangerous and put your whole family at the risk of a serious hazard.  Plus, too hot water can burn your skin and even cause blisters.  Therefore, it’s necessary to notice the warning signs and get the issue addressed by professionals. Don’t wait until something bad happens. To prevent your water heater from damage, and expensive repair, call professionals as soon as you notice the system is overheating and your troubleshooting didn’t work on the problem.

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