How Do You Fix a Running Toilet?

How Do You Fix a Running Toilet?

Running the toilet is annoying because of inconvenience and water wastage leading to high water bills. It is necessary to identify the source of the problem to stop running water. You can look for the cause with the float arm, toilet flapper, flush valve, and more. Fixing a running toilet can be easy for homeowners. You require a few tools, like wrenches, to fix a leaky toilet. However, if you are unsure, consulting with the best Stockton plumbers can help you address the problem.

Check Out the Possible Causes of a Running Toilet

  • Leaking supply line
  • Broken toilet tank
  • Stuck flapper
  • Failed wax seal
  • Faulty connections
  • Warped flapper
  • Faulty fill valve
  • Faulty float

The Most Common Fixes Are:

1. Flapper

Flapper is one of the common causes of a running toilet. Over time, it wears out, and the seal on the rubber plug fails, resulting in leaks and leading to a replacement. Remove the old flapper from the overflow tube, clean up the rod chain, and replace the flapper.

2. Fill Tube

The fill tube is a little plastic tube that connects the fill valve to the overflow pipe. The function of the pipe is to drain extra water when the tank fills more than required. If you see that the fill tubing is submerged, trim it back until it is above the water line.

3. Fill Valve

The fill valve regulates the water supply to the tank. The toilet will keep filling until the float arm or float cup fills up to a certain level. But a broken valve will start leaking continuously, keeping the toilet running. You can fix this by draining the tank, removing the valve, and securing the nut from outside the tank. Buy a right-sized valve and set the float to the appropriate water level after securing the new valve.

Flush the toilet before replacing the flapper or float to avoid water overflow. A further precaution includes using tools like cutting pliers and water-pump pliers carefully to prevent damage. Also, do not delay or wait to address the problem using DIY solutions. Consulting the experts before it’s too late can save you time and money.


Fixing a running toilet is not challenging with tools in hand. However, the ease of fixing a running toilet depends on the model and age of the toilet. If none of these solutions works, call the professionals for the best solutions. Your toilet may have another issue, like clogged drain issues that need proper diagnosis and repair. Experts in drain cleaning in Stockton know where to look without wasting time.

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