How Do You Know If Your Main Drain is Clogged?

How Do You Know if Your Main Drain Is Clogged

The sewer line is one of the most integral parts of the plumbing system. A sewer clog can lead to expensive repairs and replacements, causing inconvenience and health problems. Identifying the problem is necessary to curtail the damage and prevent it from happening again. Sewer line clogs need special equipment and expertise because it involves an intensive cleaning process that may be hazardous. Consulting with the best plumbers in Sacramento is the ideal way to get a permanent solution.

Here Are the Main Sewer Line Clogged Symptoms.

1. Multiple Fixtures Back Up

When multiple fixtures back up at the same time, it may be an indication of main drain blockage. Every drain from a water fixture connects to the main sewage line, impacting several drains in your house. Toilets are frequently the first fixture to have issues. The shower or bathtub on the main level of your home can also be affected.

2. Slow Draining

You may notice slow draining if there is a problem with your main sewer line. You may see warning signs, such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs draining more slowly than usual or the toilet beginning to overflow. These signs indicate that the sewer system in your house has an obstruction, and calling the experts of plumbing in Sacramento, CA, is the best solution.

3. Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds in your plumbing system indicate a problem in the main drain. A tree planted near your main sewerage line can block the pipes. This usually happens in an old plumbing system when roots enter the pipe through the joint, causing blockage and strange noises.

Some Causes of Clog

A severe pipe clog may be caused by grease build-up. Over time, the grease solidifies and causes obstruction. It’s advisable to stop dumping grease down the sink to avoid repairs and replacements.

Items flushed down the toilet that cannot be broken down, such as toys, feminine products, or baby wipes, contribute to sewer blockage.
Regular maintenance and cleaning by a plumbing company in Sacramento is the solution to prevent blockages.


Sometimes, the drain backup in these systems occurs when the septic tank or drainage field becomes saturated due to local flooding conditions. Consulting with professionals for drain cleaning in Sacramento can help you prepare for the worst. Wastewater is a health hazard, and attempting DIY solutions to solve the problem may worsen the situation. Clearing a clogged line is a job of a professional and licensed plumbing contractor. An expert technician can perform a video camera inspection of the sewer pipeline to determine the cause and solution.

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