How Does a Plumber Clean a Drain?

How Does a Plumber Clean a Drain?

Drain clogs are not limited to sinks. We might also encounter clogs in the drains of our bathtubs, showers, washing machines, and even toilets. A clogged drain could be a significant plumbing problem leading to expensive repairs. Even though it may be tempting to use drain cleaners or do-it-yourself solutions for complex blockages, consulting with professional Oakland drain cleaning experts will save time and money. An expert with skills and equipment to handle the problem will also keep the whole plumbing system of your house safe.

In this article, let us shed light on how plumbers clean a drain.

1. Hydro-Jetting

A plumber can use a hydro-jetting machine to clear a clog and the inner of the drainpipe. To thoroughly clean the drain, the plumber puts the hose far down into it, and high-pressure water sprays out of the nozzle. The pressure is sufficient to remove any debris stuck to the drainpipe walls, making it difficult for debris accumulation.

2. Drain Snake

A manual drain snake is called a plumber’s snake, and a drain auger is a little tool used for pushing through clogs. Manual augers unclog small obstructions in toilets or drains and for clearing blockages in the sewer system. The manual plumbing snake can usually remove minor blockages near the drain mouth in clogged drains.

The plumbers in Oakland use motorized drain snakes to remove big and more difficult stones because it reaches 150 feet. It is steered along the pipes to unclog and clean.

3. Cable Cleaning

Cable cleaning is effective for both minor and major plumbing problems. These devices break through clogs with rotating blades at the end of cables. The blades will also assist in scraping out residue accumulation on the pipes. Cable cleaners come in multiple designs, including sectional, continuous, and drum types.

4. Air-bust Cleaning

This technique uses carbon dioxide to unclog blocked pipes. When gas pumps into pipes, it generates a powerful force that knocks the sludge loose and breaks it into little pieces, allowing the water to run freely through the pipe and clear the obstruction. It is particularly effective for cleaning pipelines that are inaccessible otherwise.

5. High-Definition Drain and Sewer Line Cameras

The high-definition snake camera is one of the most recent technological innovations that have benefited the plumbing sector. This technique views what is clogging your drain by seeing within a pipe structure. Your plumber will know exactly where the clog is before treating it, allowing them to choose the best equipment and the most direct course of action.


It is time to call in a qualified and expert plumber if you have tried all the do-it-yourself solutions and the clog still exists. People do not want to deal with foul sewer backups or stubborn clogs. Wastewater sticks to everything it touches and has a strong odor that is difficult to remove. Delaying could only lead to expensive repairs. Schedule an inspection with experts to clean obstructions and pipe damage.