How Often Do You Need a Plumbing Inspection?


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Inspection of your plumbing system regularly is beneficial. It ensures that you identify potential problems and keep everything functioning properly. Just like all other home repairs, being proactive and tracking issues before they arise can be a big advantage. As you check leaks on time, your plumbing system can avoid getting damaged and reduce the need for expensive repairs.

Many professional San Jose plumbers suggest that you schedule a complete home plumbing inspection at least once a year. However, in certain cases, the inspection may be needed more frequently. These situations include:

  1. Older Homes: If your home was built somewhere between the 1960s and the 1980s, it may have steel pipes in the plumbing systems. Steel was the preferred material in that era due to its strength. The fact that steel pipes begin to deteriorate with time wasn’t realized. However, old steel pipes can result in leaks and bursts. Moreover, as they begin to corrode, there are chances of lead in the water supply.
  1. Buildings with mature trees: Large trees, growing out for several years, have an extensive root system underground. This root system isn’t easily tractable or viewable. These growing roots have a lot of strength and can push right through your plumbing system underground. If a root causes a small leak, you will not realize it for years. By the time you notice, the growing root system and the small leak may escalate to become bigger plumbing problems and property damage. On the other hand, a plumber can instantly identify such a problem and know exactly what needs to be done. While performing drain cleaning San Jose, they can diagnose if there are any concerns with the main sewer line and accordingly suggest repairs.
  1. Shifting to a new home: If you recently purchased a new home, a thorough plumbing inspection is recommended. This inspection is apart from the one performed by the home inspector. A professional plumber must look into everything and ensure that the little things aren’t missed out on. These little things can get overlooked and turn into problems in the future.

When you hire a plumber for the inspection of your plumbing system, make sure you choose one that is reputable and credible. It must be a qualified plumbing company with knowledge about the recent tools and techniques.

An experienced plumber can identify potential problems in the plumbing system. Moreover, they can inspect that the plumbing is as per local codes and the parts used are of the highest quality. Some homeowners like to tackle plumbing problems on their own. However, such a temporary fix only helps to buy time. It violates codes and mostly results in more severe problems.

If you purchase a home from someone who relied on the DIY approach for plumbing repairs, you must book a thorough plumbing inspection. You will instantly be able to know if you require services for leaks, clogged lines, or water heater repair San Jose. After the diagnosis, these professionals will ensure that you have the issues fixed correctly.

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