How Often Should You Have Professional Sewer and Drain Cleaning as Maintenance


One of the best ways to avoid sewer and drain problems is to prevent them with professional sewer and drain cleaning. Most people do not think about their sewer or drain until there is a problem. If you use a rooter service about every 22-24 months you can avoid some of the most common clog problems.

Each year around over 1 trillion gallons of sewage spills each year. Making sure that your home is not adding to the problem starts with taking care of your sewer and drain lines.

What Could Go Wrong?

A lot of homeowners take the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to home maintenance. A little maintenance of your drains and sewer once in a while can come with a lot of benefits like catching a problem before it ever becomes a problem.

When your main drain backs up you will know it. Not keeping your sewer line free of debris like tree roots and grease build-up can cause:

  • All the drains in your home to back up with sewage.
  • Contamination of well-water, and groundwater.
  • A mess that can bring insect infestation, a terrible smell, and the inability to use the water in your home.

Sewer and drain cleaning is always best done as a preventive if you can do it that way. Of course, if you are experiencing any of the above, you can count on reliable plumbers in Sacramento available 24/7 to clear the line.

When your sewer line becomes clogged the wastewater must go somewhere. The sewage can back up into your bathtub drains, the kitchen drains, and overflow through the toilets. It is a messy situation that is also a health hazard.

Environmental Responsibility

Faulty sewer lines are not just a danger to you and your family they are a danger to the environment. Sewage can spill out and affect groundwater supplies. Avoiding potential problems starts with taking some preventive steps to ensure that there are no problems.

Arranging sewer and drain cleaning on your terms before there is an issue is an easy way to have peace of mind, and know every time you flush your toilet the waste is going to disappear.

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