How to Assess the Cost of a Hot Water System?

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When you buy a hot water system for your home or office, the cost is likely to be one of the crucial factors in decision-making. This cost doesn’t only include the price of the water heater. Many other factors add to how much you have to pay for a new water heater. Here are the top five factors you will need to take into account.

  • The Style and Size of the System
    Water heaters are available in different styles based on the energy available to you. These include electric, gas, and solar water heaters. Both electric and gas water heaters come in tank and tankless varieties. The size of the water heater will depend on the size of your household and your water usage. You can consult San Jose plumbers to help you choose the water heater systems right for your home.

    The tank varieties of electric and gas water heaters range anywhere between $450 to $1500. The systems with larger tanks fetch higher prices. The tankless water heaters range between $600 and $1600. Solar water heaters are more expensive compared to the other styles, so you can expect to pay a minimum of $3500 for the system.

  • Delivery Charges

    Apart from the price of the water heater, you will have to pay to have the unit delivered to your doorstep. Some water heater vendors include the delivery cost in the final bill. However, most do not, and therefore, you should be prepared to pay delivery costs wherever needed. The calculation of the cost depends on the size and weight of the system, along with the total distance to travel.

  • Installation Costs

    After receiving your new water heater, you need to install it in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, etc. You need to book labor for water heater installation San Jose. The installation cost is dependent on the complexity of the job. If you replace a water heater with a new one of the same type, the cost of installation is minimal.
    Conversely, if you are changing the style and size of the unit, you might require new pipes and fittings. Additional work means additional cost. You may also require new gas lines or power cables to accommodate your new system.

  • Accessibility Concerns

    If it is difficult to access your location or property, the labor charges will increase. For example, if you reside on the fourth floor of a building with no lifts, you will have to pay additional costs. On the contrary, if the technicians can easily bring and install your water heater in its new location, you won’t need to pay anything extra.

  • Disposal of the Old Water Heater System

    If the new water heater is a replacement, you need to get rid of the old one efficiently. Some companies offer this service with your purchase. If not, you will have to pay for the disposal. You can also sell the old water heater if it is still in working condition.

  • Professional plumbers can help you decide on if you need to replace your water heater and what kind of water heater is suitable for your home. Moreover, through their service range, they can offer water heater repair, water heater installation, emergency repair, and drain cleaning San Jose.