How To Clean Hot Water Tank

How To Clean Hot Water Tank

If you want to keep your water heater working efficiently for a long time, you have to take care of it religiously. One of the essential parts of the maintenance list is keeping your hot water tank clean. But, why so? Why do you need it clean regularly? If you want to save money that goes into the pockets of plumbers in Oakland, it’s important to be aware of what your water heater requires in terms of care and maintenance.

The accumulation of sediments inside your water tank can cause uneven or slow heating of water. It can also affect the heating elements and burn them out. If your home has access to a hard water supply, cleaning your tank twice a year is crucial. Otherwise, the annual flushing of the tank is enough to keep it running efficiently.

Here Is What You Need To Learn To Clean A Hot Water Tank.

Disconnect The Power Supply To Your Electric Water Heater

Safety comes first before you start cleaning the hot water tank. In the case of a gas-powered water heater, shut off the gas supply and leave the water heater to the pilot setting.

Flush Hot Water Tank

After disconnecting the water heater, it’s time to turn off the cold water supply to make sure no water goes inside the tank. To clean your hot water tank, you will need to drain all the water inside it.

It is recommended to wait for 1-2 hours if the water inside the tank is hot. Let it cool down before you begin draining it.

Turn On The Hot Water Faucets

Alleviate the pressure created in the water heater system before draining. You can do so by turning on the hot water faucets.

Connect A Garden Hose To The Drain Valve

Attach the garden hose to the drain valve. Place the other end of the hose towards the outside location.

Open Drain Valve

Open the drain valve to drain the water out of the tank. This will allow all the sediments to come out with it. Keep it draining until you see clean water running from the hose.

If your water is not draining at all, it can be a sign of a clogged drain valve. Contact water heater experts and drain cleaning in Oakland CA to remedy this issue.

Flushing The Tank Again

Once it is drained, turn on the cold water supply. This is required to let the water come back into the tank and kick off any sediment still left inside it. So, drain this water fully.

Repeat this process as many times as you want until the water coming out of the hose is clean.

Close The Drain Valve

Once the water becomes clean, disconnect the hose and close the drain valve.

To ensure the air is pushed out of the tank, turn on the cold water supply to refill the tank. Turn on the faucet. Make sure it has no air trapped. The faucet will run the water smoothly if it has no air trapped inside the system.

Sediment accumulation can damage your expensive water heaters. To prevent costly repair services for water heater repair in Oakland, consider hiring ex-pats for cleaning the hot water tank regularly or clean it yourself.

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