How to Fix a Leaking Pipe Joint?

How to Fix a Leaking Pipe Joint

A leaky pipe can be annoying because of the constant dripping, but it can cause more damage than you can imagine. Leaving it unaddressed can cause damage to floors, walls, and ceilings. Additionally, leaky pipes can increase your water bills.

Consulting with professional plumbers in Sacramento can help you address the problem effectively. Although fixing it yourself can be intimidating for some homeowners, applying these temporary solutions can help you prevent the damage and buy you some time until the experts arrive.

How to Fix the Leaky Pipe Joint?

  • Shut the main valve that distributes water to the house.
  • Clean the leaking area of the pipe to remove dirt and dust.
  • Take a small amount of epoxy putty and knead until it softens.
  • Wrap the leaking joint with the epoxy putty and fill all the cracks by smoothing it properly.
  • Follow the product’s instructions regarding how long it needs to dry before turning the water. While some products take longer to start the cure, others take no time.
  • Call your nearest expert in plumbing in Sacramento CA, who can fix the issue permanently because epoxy putty is a temporary measure that can break at any time.

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Other Ways Include:

  • You can also use silicone repair tape or pipe burst tape to wrap around the PVC pipe. But it can break if the leak is severe.
  • If you have small leaks, you can use fiberglass resin tape to stop them. The tape has water-activated resin that slows the leak until the professional comes and examines it.
  • Using hose clamps can also stop minor leaks. Apply rubber to the damaged area, and cover it with hose clamps before tightening it. Hose clamps are a temporary solution to stop small leaks.
  • Your PVC pipe may require replacement if the damage is too severe. You need a hacksaw, primer solvent, and glue to do the replacement. If you are unsure, contacting a plumbing company in Sacramento is a wise step to prevent more damage.

Different repair products require suitable materials, types, or sizes. For example, water supply pipes repair requires appropriate equipment for that purpose. It is necessary to use the best repair solution for the leak size and water pressure.


Although homeowners can fix the issue using this technique; however, using a DIY approach may not work for everybody. Informing an expert can help you solve the problem while guiding you about future repairs. You may have other issues in your plumbing system, such as drain blockages. Hiring an expert in drain cleaning in Sacramento can be helpful in restoring the smooth functioning of your plumbing system.