How to Fix a Leaking Shower Pipe Behind the Wall?

How to Fix a Leaking Shower Pipe Behind the Wall

Hidden water leaks cause immeasurable damage to the house. Water leaks lead to mold accumulation behind walls which can affect the structural integrity. It also provides a warm, moist environment for household pests to grow. Shower leaking behind the wall can also lead to a high water bill putting unnecessary stress on you. These leaks are not always easy to detect but require immediate attention because they can cause immense damage to your home. Generally, the shower leaks you see have easy solutions. The leaks you cannot see are the real threat to your house, and you need plumbers in Sacramento to fix them to prevent further loss.

Here’s how to fix shower leaks behind walls.

Look for Signs

  • If you have a basement and a shower on the first floor, you might see water dripping from the ceiling onto the basement floor.
  • Water stains are one of the telltale symptoms of a leak coming from a shower valve behind the wall. It is easy to notice dried water stains on the ceiling below the shower. Behind-the-wall leaks from shower valves are generally slow. Usually, a defective valve or shoddy soldering at the valve water connection points causes these pinhole leaks.

How To Fix?

Clean the shower arm’s threads before reinstalling it with a new plumber’s tape (or replacing it if it’s cracked or rusty). Just like a bolt into a nut, the arm easily twists into the elbow. It is advisable to avoid cross-thread the connector when you start twisting. Also, do not tighten the shower arm because this could affect the pipe or elbow.

If a DIY solution seems tricky, contacting an expert for plumbing in Sacramento, CA, is the best solution.

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Things To Remember

  • The primary warning signals include dampness on the walls, floors, or ceiling and a musty odor in the bathroom.
  • Once you know it is behind the walls, rule out other potential causes and easy solutions before proceeding to identify the reason and source of the shower leak.
  • While fixing the plumbing might seem simple enough, fixing mold, mildew, damaged drywall, or structural components may require effort and detailed examination.
  • Use pipe patching supplies to stop the leak in the DIY approach.
  • Extensive repairs and renovations are needed for copper plumbing. It may be necessary to completely cut and weld a new connection for a leaky pipe or to replace the entire section.
  • Look for holes or degraded sealant in the PVC piping and connectors and corrosion streaks on the copper piping when inspecting the plumbing fixtures and pipes.


Fixing shower pipe leaking behind tiles saves you from high water bills and expensive repairs. Leaving untreated leaks in the wall may lead to severe damage to walls, floor, and paint. Proper maintenance is crucial to protect the structural integrity of the house. Some homeowners have the expertise to fix the leaks at home. But, the DIY approach may not be beneficial in the long run. So, consulting a leading plumbing company in Sacramento gives you solid solutions.