How to Fix the Shower Pipe in the Wall?

How to Fix the Shower Pipe in the Wall?

Showers are an integral part of our daily routine. Therefore, regular maintenance is one of the crucial responsibilities of a homeowner. If you decide to buy a new home, chances are less that you may face a leaky faucet or broken shower pipe. However, old houses may not have the identical luxury to offer you. Fixing a shower pipe in a wall can be challenging with less knowledge and experience. Consulting with the best plumbers in Oakland is the best solution. 

Experts have the appropriate tools and relevant expertise to execute the solution timely. Many homeowners prefer relying on a DIY approach to save time and money. However, DIY solutions may not give desired results, encouraging you to seek professional help from the best plumbers in Modesto

Before starting the process, ensure reading the manufacturer’s instructions for guided directions. Nevertheless, check out the steps of fixing a shower head pipe in the wall. 

Take Out the Old Showerhead

Unscrew the old shower head from the shower arm. If this is your first time, start by turning it counterclockwise. Then, you can use a rag, a wrench, or pliers to remove the old shower arm. 

Prepare a New Shower Arm

Use the plumber’s Teflon and PTFE film tape to prepare the new shower arm. This will help prevent leaks and potential water damage, helping you save time and money in the long run. 

Wrap the tape around your new shower arm clockwise to ensure a firm grip. Do it four times. Take a small brush to clean the debris stuck inside the hole and exposed in your bathroom wall. 

Insert a New Shower Arm

Install your new escutcheon at the end of the shower arm, where it attaches to the wall, sliding it smoothly, followed by inserting the shower arm. Then, thread it in a clockwise direction to fix it into the wall firmly.  

Install a New Showerhead

Fix a new showerhead to the arm that won’t take more than two minutes. Since shower head options are available, choosing the preferred ones is easy. You can choose a standard, fixed shower head or a handheld showerhead according to your needs. 

Check for Leaks

Turn your shower on and check for leaks around the areas you have threaded or tightened. Next, check your installed shower head pipe for leaks. If the shower arm leaks, you may have to repeat the process.  

If the process seems overwhelming and confusing, consulting with Sacramento plumbers can help. Professionals have the expertise and appropriate tools to carry out the task effectively.