How To Get The Hair Out Of The Shower Drain?

How To Get The Hair Out Of The Shower Drain?

Shower drains are the easy victims of hair. No matter how much you try to prevent hair from getting down the drain, hair clogs in the shower drain are inevitable at some point. As a homeowner, you should know how to clear hair clumps if they have found their way into your shower drain. Preventing hair clogs in your shower drain is not that easy, even if you have kept a drain stopper. There is a chance that some hair will get down anyhow, leading to a hair clump down the drain. But, you can try to remove a hair clog yourself before calling licensed plumbers in Oakland when clogs refuse to get dissolved or removed.

Some clogs can be removed without relying on plumbing services. Keep reading to know some simple methods to get the hair out of the shower drain and save money on clog removal services.

Here Are The Top Methods You Can Use When You Discover Hair Blocking Your Shower Drain:

Use A Hair Drain Snake

Get a snake device from the market. It is one of the top tools to remove hair clumps stuck inside a shower drain. This tool is effective at getting hair out of shower drains. The hair drain snake will fail to remove the hair clogs if the clog is located deep down. Please contact professional plumbers for situations like this.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is the most common method used to remove hair clogs from drains. Baking soda and vinegar together can successfully remove hair clogs, including other clogs as well. Just as chemical drain cleaners work on drain, this mixture of vinegar and baking soda works simultaneously. In addition, this combination is safe to use, while drain cleaner purchased from the market can harm your plumbing.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service

While clogs can be removed with simple methods, some cogs are severe. To get rid of these clogs, you will require a professional plumber who is trained with good skills. Without the help of experts for drain cleaning in Oakland, CA, it’s so hard to remove hair clogs on your own. Professional drain cleaning experts have the tools and experience to solve the problem quickly.

Get a Plunger

A Plunger is another effective tool to deal with hair clogs trapped in the shower drain and other types of clogs. So, go to the market and buy a good quality plunger.

While removing hair clogs from the shower drain, never use chemical drain cleaners as they can corrode your pipes or damage them.
What you think is a solution will cause more damage and lead to more expensive plumbing costs.

For keeping your drain running smoothly and without any obstruction, care and maintenance of your drain are essential. If you want to prevent costly plumbing and water heater repair in Oakland, ensure you get your plumbing maintained and checked for signs of problems.

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