How to Install a Shower Drain in Concrete Floor?

How to Install a Shower Drain in Concrete Floor?

A shower drain is a critical plumbing fixture that requires smooth functioning to drain the water to the sewage system. Installing a shower drain on a concrete floor can be daunting using a DIY approach. If you are moving into an older home, you may want to replace the drain.

Many homeowners focus on saving time and money. However, things may not go well for beginners lacking skills. Consulting with professional plumbers in Sacramento can help solve the problem.

Here Are the Steps for Installing a Shower Drain on a Concrete Floor.

  • Choose the drain location carefully where the water flow is smooth. Then, measure the area to check the bathroom’s drainage level.
  • Select a suitable drain for the application and use a waterproof membrane to cover the area of drain installation.
  • Drill a hole using a hammer drill to fit the shower drain and cover it with waterproofing sealant.
  • Fit the drain into the hole and ensure the level with dirt and concrete to fill the gap before securing it with screws. The area should be stable.
  • Connect the shower drain to the plumbing and check the connection is secure and waterproof.
  • Lastly, test the shower drain for its smooth functioning.

If the process seems daunting and confusing, contacting the plumbing company in Sacramento can help. Professional assistance ensures the process is hassle-free and the installation is correct.

Maintenance Tips for Shower Drain

  • No oil or grease: Pouring oil or grease down the drain leads to blockages causing expensive repairs.
  • Routine cleaning: Small steps of cleaning lead to a long-term hassle-free experience. Keep your drains cleaned of hair or body scrub debris. The accumulation can attract drain flies causing unhygienic conditions.
  • Drain screen: Attach a drain screen to prevent gunk from clogging your drain.
  • DIY drain cleaner: Use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to clean the drain because it won’t degrade the drain walls and keep it clean.

If you encounter problems in your drain system, avoiding harsh chemical cleaners helps. Instead, consult an expert in plumbing in Sacramento, CA, for professional help.

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Following these steps can help you install the shower drain in your bathroom. However, if you need clarification about a DIY solution, consulting with expert plumbers is the best way suggested. A newly installed drain will handle the water flow leaks and prevent bad smells.

It is necessary to ensure the installation is correct. A blocked shower drain can imbalance the water pressure, causing pipe bursts. If this happens, consulting with an expert in drain cleaning in Sacramento can help solve the issue.