How to Save Money on Your Water Heater Bill

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Water heater makes our life comfortable in the winter. From taking a hot shower to washing dishes in warm water, we rely on a water heater whenever we want. But do you know, a large part of energy consumption is from the water heating bills. In fact, hot water need
is the second major utility expense. As per top plumbing Sacramento CA companies, a homeowner should be familiar with some of the best ways that can help save money on utility bills that come from water heating.

Keep reading to know how you can save on your water heating costs:

  • Lower the temperature of water heater

The water gets heated until it reaches its thermostat set value. So, if you lower the water heater temperature upto 120 degrees, this is an easy way to lower your energy consumption and reduce your utility bills. Mosttimes, thermostat value is set at 140 degrees, so reducing it by 10 degrees can make much difference when it comes to save cash upto 9% on your water
heating costs

  • Check the R-value of your water heater’s tank

With newer water heater systems, you won’t need to worry about extra insulation. Simply, check the R-value on your water heater tank’s sticker. Lower than R-24 means you will need to insulate the tank. The value printed on it makes you learn about if your water heater is good enough to reduce standby heat losses and reduce utility costs. Make sure you call the best water heater repair and drain cleaning Sacramento expert to have it properly and correctly insulated.

  • Insulate your hot water Pipes

Are your pipes insulated? Doing so will let you reduce the water temperature value and save water too. Pipes that are insulated will help prevent the heat loss from hot water pipes. This will also help to prevent the hot water from becoming cool before it comes to the faucet. Not to mention, insulating the pipes will reduce the need for costly water heater repair Sacramento needs.

  • Insulate water heater Tank

In case you have a modern or new water heater unit, you will not need to insulate the water heater tank as they already have extra insulation. If your water heater system is an old one, insulating the tank is one of the ways to save on water heating costs.

  • Clean the sediment builup in your water heater tank

This is one of the most important things when it comes to taking care of a water heater. The sediment and dirt builup at the bottom of the tank affects the efficiency of the water heater and reduces its life. If you have a water heater that is operating at low efficiency, it will need more energy to run it. So, you will see an increase in water heating bills. For removing this sediment, you need to slowly open the drain valve and let the water drain. Make sure you turn off the water heater before you do this.

To bottom it up
The above mentioned ways are easy to do and can make a significant impact in reducing your water heating bills.