How To Tell If Ac Compressor Is Running

How To Tell If Ac Compressor Is Running

What’s that sound? Is it the air conditioner compressor? It could be, but it’s not quite as obvious as you think. There are some telltale signs that how to tell if the AC compressor is running. So you can stop suffering through the sweltering heat and be cool again instead!

Here are the three most common signs that Plumbing Stockton can use to determine whether or not your AC unit needs maintenance or if your compressor has gone bad or needs to be replaced.

Look at the Outside Condenser Unit

Suppose you see a lot of condensation on your outside unit. In that case, it’s working hard to keep up with rising indoor temperatures. Condensation can also cause a foul smell—you may notice that unpleasant smell when you first turn on your AC after it has been off for a while.

The fix: Have your system inspected by a professional so they can identify what needs to get repaired. If there is significant damage, call in a professional. A running compressor that’s leaking refrigerant won’t cool your home. It will eventually lead to more costly repairs if you don’t get it fixed right away.

Listen For The HVAC Unit

A common mistake many people make is turning their HVAC unit on without checking if it’s draining properly. At first, a slow drain might be normal. But you should have your air conditioning serviced right away if you detect a steady stream of water coming from your unit.

If you don’t take care of minor problems immediately, they could cause more damage to your system in short order. If you are a resident of Stockton, Drain Cleaning Stockton can suggest more precautions to keep drains clear and make sure your HVAC is working as effectively as possible.

If you think your HVAC isn’t draining properly, you can do a few simple things to figure out if it’s your air conditioner or something else.

1. For one, check that all drains and connections are clear.

2. The gutters and ventilation ducts should run straight from your unit to another part of your house, so no water gets trapped in them.

3. If your system is draining normally but still sluggish, try running it for about 15 minutes before calling a professional.

4. Sometimes systems will seem like they aren’t working when they need time to get going.

5. If you hear bubbling coming from an outdoor unit that doesn’t appear to be draining, call professional drain cleaners as soon as possible before any more damage occurs.

Check The Electricity Use

If your thermostat says it’s running, but you’re not feeling any cool air, check to see if your electricity use is spiking. If it is, that means your compressor is on and working. It also might mean there’s a problem with something else, like an air filter or electrical wiring—but at least you know that your compressor isn’t broken.

This trick applies to any appliance: If you aren’t sure if something is working correctly, look at how much electricity it’s using. That can help pinpoint problems and rule out simple mistakes.

Some common signs that your AC compressor is running, even if you don’t feel it, include seeing your lights dim when it kicks on or hearing a whirring sound coming from outside. Suppose your electricity use spikes, but you’re not feeling anything cool. It could be because of faulty wiring or an air filter that needs to get replaced.

It might mean there’s a problem with something else—like improper ventilation in your home. But at least you know that it isn’t just broken and won’t save yourself an unnecessary service call. Look at how much electricity it uses.

The Bottom Line

If you notice these three signs, it’s probably a good idea to consult with your water heater repair Stockton or landlord and ask for maintenance. You may get lucky and only have a clogged drain, which is a minor fix that you can easily do yourself. However, suppose you ignore these signs and leave your compressor running too long without fixing problems. In that case, it can seriously damage other parts of your system.

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