How to Tell if You Have a Water Leak Underground?

How to Tell if You Have a Water Leak Underground?

Underground water leaks can be stressful because they can cause extensive property damage. Since water leaks occur beneath the home’s foundation, making it challenging to detect. When it can go unnoticed for a long time, you may face significant damage resulting in expensive repairs. The longer the leak remains unfixed, the more water seeps into the ground around the home foundation. Water can soften the foundation and harm the structure. Consulting with expert Modesto plumbers can help you employ the best solution. Homeowners should know the signs of hidden water leaks to prevent more damage.

Here Are the Signs of Underground Water Leaks.

1. High Water Bill

If you see any unusual changes in your bill, you must take action to find out if there is a leak. Check your taps and water heater, or you may put food coloring in your toilet tank to look for leaks and perform other quick tests. The meter may be running faster than usual because of a leak in your home.

After you have shut off all the water fixtures in your home, recheck the meter after shutting off all water fixtures. If the meter is still running, you can be sure your property leaks somewhere. An extended decline in water pressure when no big appliances are running could indicate an underground water leak.

2. Cracked Pavement or Sidewalk

An underground water leak may cause an odd sidewalk bulge or pavement split. In this instance, the leak from the damaged, deformed or blocked water line may cause unevenness under the pavement and warping of the ground. If this is not fixed, homeowners may need to replace their driveways or pathways, and municipalities may need to carry out significant projects, leading to expensive repairs.

More Signs

  • Wet spots in your lawn
  • Potholes or sinkholes
  • Sewage smells
  • Unusually green areas in your lawn
  • Flooded water
  • Sudden water pressure drop when using plumbing appliances
  • Strange plumbing noises
  • Dirty or rusty water
  • Mold and pest growth in your home


These signs may indicate an underground water leak leading to costly repairs. Detecting water leaks is imperative because they can cause sinkholes in the yard, which is dangerous. If you are unsure about the signs, consulting with professional water leak detection services is the best solution to prevent more damage. You will need a reliable plumbing professional to detect the leak location and employ a permanent solution. Water leaks can occur for several reasons, including a water main break caused by soil movement, erosion, or pressure on the pipes. Some common locations for underground leaks are near the shut-off valve and pipe joints or fittings.

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