Identify Tree Roots and Prevent them from Damaging Sewer Lines

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Have you ever thought the trees planted near your sewer line could create expensive plumbing problems? Yes! According to Modesto plumbers, tree root infiltration is one of the biggest causes of damage to your sewer lines and mainline sewer clogs. If you are dealing with frequent and repeated backups, there is a good chance that you have clogs in sewer and drain pipes due to tree roots intrusion. So, this becomes important for you to keep tree roots away from sewer lines to avoid these damages. In this blog, we’ll look at preventative tips to avoid tree root damage.

You may be wondering how they find a way to get within your sewer pipes? Well, it’s simple. Tree roots are naturally drawn to a place or spot where they get moisture, oxygen, and other nutrients that help them grow and thrive. If your sewer lines have cracks or are leaking, the tree roots will find their way through these cracks to grow inside the pipes, creating severe blockages and restricting the flow of waste. They can also pose a threat to your sewer lines even if there is no leakage. Because when they are grown close to the sewer lines, roots can wrap around the pipes, chock them, causing a collapse in the end.

Signs that may indicate tree roots into the sewer lines

  • Recurring or frequent backups and clogs

If you have to deal with repeated clogs, despite having a professional drain cleaning Modesto service, it can be a sign of tree root intrusion.

  • slower drains

If you see slower drains all of a sudden, this could indicate that tree roots are blocking the flow of wastewater.

  • Gurgling sounds

You hear gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet. They may also come from other drains.

  • Experiencing low or weak water pressure

Tree roots can grow and expand inside the pipes, causing obstruction, and eventually resulting in lower water pressure.  If you have low hot water pressure, and your water heater repair Modesto expert has found nothing wrong with the hot water system. There are good chances that it is due to sewer line blockages.

  • The area around the sewer pipes is wet

Water pooling around the sewer line is an ideal place for tree roots.

Though, the above situations can occur due to other reasons also. In case you have trees in the proximity of sewer lines, these signs indicate a tree root invasion problem.

Preventing tree roots in sewer lines

  • Plant trees away from sewer lines

Don’t plant trees near sewer lines. Make sure the larger trees are planted away from sewer lines.  But if you have to grow a tree near a sewer line location, choose a variety that grows slowly.

  • Know the location of sewer lines

This helps in detecting the trees planted near the sewer pipes so that you can have these trees removed before they grow too big.

  • Video camera inspectionsregularly

A video camera inspection provides a significant way to determine any impending problems and identify roots growing into the pipes so that these can be removed using the right tools and techniques.

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