Important Tips to Make Sure Grease Doesn’t Go Down the Drain

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Washing grease and other fatty substances down the drain is not a good idea. Grease and oils can have an extremely damaging effect on your home pipes. Every time you allow grease to go down the sink drain, it will adhere to the inside of the pipes, eventually leading to a serious blockage in sewer pipes and drains. After finding its way into the drain pipes, the grease will start to cool down and eventually harden.  As it sticks to the inside lining of the pipes, the diameter of the drain pipe will become smaller. If you continue to pour it down there, the diameter will continue getting narrower and narrower.

To avoid the buildup of grease in your pipes, it’s essential that you avoid pouring down your drains after cooking and schedule a drain cleaning Sacramento service for avoiding clogging issues.

In this blog, we will look at the ways to avoid the accumulation of grease in the pipes:

A blockage in the pipes due to grease doesn’t happen overnight. The continuous practice of pouring grease down the drains wills slowly but surely a serious clogged drain issue.

  • Discard grease in a proper manner

After cooking, first let the used oils, and fats cool. As soon as they become cold and get solidified, scrape the grease and other food scraps into a container. Once this container is full and the grease has hardened, throw it in the trash. When washing the utensils after scraping, use a paper towel to wipe whatever is left on them before you cleaning them thoroughly. While you wash, make sure your drain has a grease trap so that grease doesn’t get poured down into it. This way, you can ensure that your drain won’t be exposed to grease.

  • Clean your drains

There are some tips that you can follow to break up the grease you already have in your drains.

Using a snake and power jitter can be helpful to clear the grease lurking inside your pipes. Apart from it, a mixture of salt and baking soda can be poured down, followed by hot water. Let the solution sit in the drain for 15 minutes. Follow with a pot full of hot water. Putting hot water after every use is also a good practice to allow your drains to continue running smoothly and ensure they are breaking down the grease and oil that has found its way inside the kitchen drains.

In addition, regular inspections from renowned Sacramento plumbers to check your drains is an important part of drainage maintenance and for preventing clogs from happening due to buildup of various things.

Some useful tips for homeowner and restaurant owners for maintaining clog-free drains:

  • No grease, food waste, or oil into sinks or any other drain.
  • Use a grease trap or interceptor as it helps to prevent the grease from going down.
  • Clean grease traps regularly and maintain them with assistance of drain cleaning and water heater repair Sacramento
  • Schedule a drain cleaning service regularly.

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