Is Using Chemical Drain Cleaners Bad or Good?


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Most households, whenever faced with clogged drains and pipes, often choose chemical drain cleaners. However, you should know that every plumbing company in Sacramento recognizes the dangers it brings.

You may find them useful as these substances are capable of managing minor clogs, but the truth is, these create chemical reactions on the pipes causing them to crack. Professionals always recommend not to use them on your drains because of their harmful effects both on the pipes and the user.

So, the next you time feel the urge to pick up a bottle of drain cleaner to remove a clog, try to think of the worst things that could happen to your pipelines. Are you willing to risk the damage or would you rather play it safe?

How bad does it get when you decide to use a chemical drain cleaner for your drains? Read on and be informed of the harmful effects these commercial cleaners have on your plumbing.

How Do Drain Cleaners Work?

All forms of drain cleaners available in the market are made up of harsh chemicals. When these come in contact with your pipes, they produce heat and gas. The reaction is necessary since this is what helps remove the clog.

The Top Damaging Effects of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Pipe damage

Using drain cleaners regularly on your pipes can lead to cracks, damages, and leaks in your piping system. It creates more harm to older pipes due to wear and tear. To prevent creating extensive damage, call a licensed plumber and request drain cleaning services.

Harmful fumes

Drain cleaners can pose a serious threat to humans when inhaled or touched. It contains battery acid that can cause burns when the solution reaches the internal respiratory linings or when it touches any part of your body. You are likely to experience skin irritations, skin burns, and eye irritations.

Because of the hazardous effect on users, we strongly advise avoiding them at all costs. Instead, call a professional drain cleaning in Sacramento and let them deal with the blockages of your house’s drains.

Bad for the environment

Apart from the damage it causes to your plumbing pipes, it also harms the environment. The residues often fall into the soil and groundwater and are toxic for humans, plants, and animals. To avoid this, call a professional and be eco-friendly.

Additional Costs

Drain cleaners are advertised as a cheaper option to remove a clog. However, the presence of chemicals on your drains and pipes can cause expensive damages in the long run. Using it can invite impending pipe replacement and repairs.

To avoid adding injury to your fixtures, contact an expert drain cleaning and water heater repair Sacramento company and find solutions to your plumbing problems safely.

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