Plumbing basics: Vital things Plumbers wish you knew

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When it’s about plumbing, most people are ignorant about the things that are essential to keep plumbing in good condition. Doing some things the wrong way will lead to common plumbing problems and the need of good San Jose plumbers for getting them fixed. Many of the plumbing issues that occur are due to the lack of knowledge about plumbing and common plumbing mistakes that we do.

You should know when a plumbing problem can be repaired by yourself or need a plumbing professional. By having the right knowledge, these problems could be averted and even prevented from becoming a serious and expensive plumbing issue.

In this blog, we will focus on the things plumbers wish you knew about plumbing.

  • You treat your toilet as a bin where you can throw anything
  • One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make that clog toilets is throwing anything in the toilet pot. Not everything is meant for throwing into a toilet. Baby Wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, tissues, dental floss are some of the things you should never let go down the toilet drain. All of these things will block the toilet drain pipe.

  • Not keeping your drain clean and clog-free
  • The problem with clogging issues is that people don’t notice the signs of clogging, and even are mindlessing throwing more and more things that can cause minor to serious clogs. It’s vital to have your drains cleaned regularly. This is because drain cleaning prevents impending clogs that are yet to become a problematic clog.

  • Avoiding professional help for drain cleaning
  • Calling a professional drain cleaning San Jose service to deal with the clogging issue you’re having is crucial. Many times, clogs may seem simple, but they might be serious clogs that require a solution from a professional drain cleaning plumber. These professionals will inspect the clogging issue and will find out the problem to the root. A clogging problem needs to be identified at a deeper level, otherwise you will experience frequent clogs.

  • You don’t know where the main water valve locates
  • Seeing your home flooding because of plumbing issues means wastage of water and harm to your property. This will also increase your water bills. The moment you find flooding in your home, run to the main water valve and turn it off. But if you didn’t know where it is located, you would not be able to save the situation in an emergency. Thus, be aware of where the position of a main water valve is.

  • Did you place a brick in the toilet tank? Think again.
  • Bricks tend to disintegrate while they are kept in the toilet tank. It can affect or cause havoc on the toilet’s mechanism. Although this act is done to reduce the amount of water used by toilets, it can be damaging for your toilet.

  • Your water heater has aged
  • Very old water heaters can cause problems. If you observe water heater problems such as leaks from the base of the water heater, it’s time to replace it. Water heaters that are 10 years older and have a service life of more than 10 years need replacement. Old water heaters can fail any time, and flood your home. Therefore, make sure you have a new water heater installation San Jose at your home before the old one malfunctions.