Plumbing Errors That Can Be Expensive


In this age of DIY more homeowners are taking on plumbing problems on their own, unfortunately, many of them are finding out the hard way that sometimes it is best to call in the Sacramento plumbing company and be done with it.

There are some critical mistakes that homeowners are making that often results in a call to the emergency plumber Sacramento neighbors depend on to fix those mistakes. Understanding the most common plumbing errors that other DIY’ers make can help you avoid the same fate.

Step Away From the Chemicals

One of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner can make when trying to clear a clogged drain instead of calling in the local plumber is to stuff their drain with caustic chemicals. There is a reason that caustic drain cleaners state for “professional use”.

Chemical drain cleaners can cause burns, can cause noxious fumes that can make you and your family sick, and they can damage your pipes. Use a plunger and some hot water, if that does not clear the drain call the plumbing company and let them handle it.

Turn Off the Main Valve

While a leaky faucet can be annoying and account for about 13% of your household water use, do not attempt to repair or replace the faucet without shutting off your main valve. If you do not know where your valve is, call a local plumber they can find it and get the repair done without causing any damage.

Not turning off the valve can result in water damage. Find the valve and cut off the water to the house before making any repairs.

Over Eager Tightening

Many homeowners think if they just give that coupling one more turn than they will never have to worry about that pipe leaking again. The fact is you can over tighten connectors and it will weaken the pipe.

The strain of an overly tight connection can rupture the connection. Sure, it may seem like it is all good for a little while, but eventually, the strain will cause that pipe and fitting to burst. A nearby plumber can get your repairs done and get them done right to help you avoid the cost of having to deal with doing it again and the potential water damage.

Wrong Parts, Wrong Tools

Another common error DIY plumbers make is to buy the wrong parts or try to use the wrong tools. There is a difference between hot water lines, cold water lines, pressure lines, drain lines, and more. A plumbing company comes fully prepared with the right parts to get the job done.

Often times, homeowners will not have the specialty tools that are needed to get the job done either. Specialty tools can be expensive. Ultimately, if you want the job done right, calling a San Jose plumber is going to be your best option.

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