Renovating a Bathroom What to Do First

Renovating a Bathroom What to Do First

Bathroom renovations can be daunting compared to redoing other rooms because of the tasks and skills needed. A bathroom renovation involves heating, plumbing, electrics, and choosing the best sanitaryware and brassware. Renovating a bathroom is a huge priority and requires much attention because a beautifully designed bathroom helps you feel refreshed or relaxed. Since bathrooms are one of the most commonly used spaces in the house, having robust plumbing fittings is imperative. Consulting plumbers in Sacramento can help you select the best fixtures for your bathroom.

Here Are the Steps for Renovating a Bathroom.


Any renovation project must begin with the demolition of the bathroom. First, turn off the water and electricity to the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. Also, you must be careful not to damage the underlying plumbing or wall wiring while removing the wall tile. Additionally, remove the toilet and sink gently without damage and be careful to look for mold or mildew growth.

Electrical Work

Older homes require new wiring to renovate the bathroom. Old wiring deteriorates with time, and the wall tears cause the covers to break. You will need to connect extra wires and plug-ins for electronic devices to upgrade the lighting system or lights in the shower or sink area. A licensed professional with experience in electrical work will guide you about the electrical system and complete this task. The electrical panel may need to be updated in some homes and bathrooms due to increased outlets and wiring for the lighting. Before the drywall is installed, all the wiring, which runs between the frames, must be finished.

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Add Plumbing Fixtures

Install plumbing fixtures that comprise the bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet. Check these fixtures before installation. You’ll also need to cut through the studs because the pipe could need to pass through the exterior walls. You might need to install a waterproof membrane on the walls and floor if you need to replace the tub or shower. You can contact the best plumbing company in Sacramento, CA, for desired results.

Install Drywall

Before starting to paint, your new drywall needs to be installed. Then, fill any gaps and seams with drywall compound and tape to create a flat surface. If you’re painting a bathroom, you should use a moisture-resistant finish to help stop the growth of mold and mildew.

  • To conceal seams and fill gaps, use drywall mud and tape.
  • A cement board should be used for the shower/tub wall.
  • To protect the cement board from water damage, cover it with waterproofing film.


Bathroom redo gives your bathroom and home a refreshing look. Remodeling your primary bathroom could increase your home value and attract high-paying customers. Consulting with the best plumbing company in Sacramento will help you install the appropriate fittings and fixtures. You can have the best results with the best bathroom remodeling service plan and approach. Specific requirements and expert guidance will help you accomplish the bathroom remodeling process.