Signs You Need a Plumber ASAP


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A plumbing emergency is no laughing matter. If you need a nearby plumber, you don’t want to wait until you have a serious situation on your hands to help you decide when to give this water professional a call. If you have a single leak in the home, for example, you can end up wasting up to 180 gallons of water in a single week!

Not every plumbing need constitutes an emergency, this is true, but enough of them are serious to where you really should be thinking about your plumbing service when you do basic things around the house. Are you ready for your local San Jose plumber to come to your aide? How would you know if you have a plumbing emergency in the first place? Here is a guide to help you learn if you have a plumbing emergency or not so you know exactly when to call your local plumber for help.

You Have Toxic Water in the House

Has your toilet overflowed all over the floor and is rapidly leaking into the basement? Have you had your dishwasher bust open and spray debris-ridden water all over your floors? Have you had a water heater totally fail on you, leaking rusty water all over the place?

Any time you have a situation where the water being sprayed all over is contaminated, particularly if there is sewage involved, you have to call your nearby plumber for assistance. A water heater can leak rusty and sediment laden water into your home, and your plumbing emergencies can lead to someone becoming ill as a result.

You Have Water Leaking Everywhere

If you have a burst pipe in the basement or a burst pipe anywhere in the home, the water spraying out will quickly drench whole areas and make the home potentially at danger of water damage and mold exposure. You don’t want this expensive thing to happen, so call your nearby plumber for assistance right away.

Another thing you have to consider is this: a burst pipe also means you cannot use your home’s water supply. You cannot bathe, do dishes, clean yourself, do laundry, or even get a drink of water until the plumbing issue is resolved. So, if a plumbing fixture fails in your home and you don’t call a plumber right away, expect to be out of commission for a while.

You’ve Run Out of Water, Hot or Cold or Both

Are you out of water in your home? If you’re out of hot water, your water heater may be to blame. If you’re out of both hot and cold water, maybe something is wrong with your septic system, or you are having issues with your well. No matter how you look at it, it’s not good to be out of water in your home, which can have bad results.

You don’t always have to call your nearby plumber for plumbing emergencies, and some emergencies can actually wait until another day. However, some ASAP services are required for the health and well-being of your home, so do what you can to ensure your home is safe and sound by having a plumber on standby for when you really need them.

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