Top 4 Causes of Low Water Flow In Your Faucets

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Experiencing slow water in the faucet is indeed frustrating, especially when you’re washing your hands or washing dishes. However, don’t worry as it can get fixed by yourself also. A low flow faucet has many causes. First, you need to recognize the cause and try fixing it or call one of the best San Jose plumbers to fix the issue if the issue didn’t get resolved by you. Afterall, a faucet working in a good condition is a necessity to prevent further issues and expensive repairs later.

Keep reading to know the top 4 causes of faucets sustaining low water flow:

  • Dirt and mineral builup
    This is one of the most common reasons why faucets experience low water pressure. When the water coming through the municipal water supply is full of dirt and sediments, the sprayer diverter inside your faucet gets clogged, causing low water flow. Even the aerator gets clogged with this dirt builup. So, clean both the sprayer diverter and the faucet’s aerator to make these parts cleared from dirt and sediment builup.
  • You have a low-flow aerator
    Yes, the problem could be with your aerator flow rate. If all or some of your bathroom and kitchen faucets have a low flow aerator, you may need to replace it. Low flow aerators are manufactured to save water, and that’s why they have a design that limits the water flow. Thus, you will need to check the flow rate, in case it is greater than 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), you may need replacement for eliminating the low flow problem.
  • A clog
    Even after cleaning your aerator, if the low water flow problem still persists, this could mean a severe issue. Possible causes of this problem are clog in drain pipes, and broken plumbing pipes.
    Thus, this low water pressure will exit until a clog is removed or the pipes that have bursted or broken are replaced with a new one. Reach experienced drain cleaning San Jose plumbers to get the problem identified correctly and effective solution.
  • Check your water shut off Valve
    You need to check your water shut off valves because sometimes when the shut-off valve is not completely open. Locate it as it is generally found under the sink. It’s common to have this valve turned to a position where it could affect the water flow. So, make sure you keep it fully open if you are seeing water flow problems.

Final words
Low water flow faucets are sometimes an issue that can be handled on your own, other times, you may need to rely on experienced plumbing and water heater installation San Jose companies to identify your problematic faucets. Because some problems can be hard to identify by you.

Relying on plumbers also saves time and avoids unexpected damage that could happen when attempting the problem yourself. Unless you have the proper and right knowledge, it’s best to pick a phone and dial a licensed plumber in your town for your low water flow faucets.

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