Top 5 Indicators You Need to Call a Plumber


Admittedly, as long as you own a house, you cannot run away from utility costs. The cost of these bills is solely dependent on usage. Leakages from an overflowing toilet will equally hike the cost of your utility bills. For example, a leak that goes for a full year undetected can cost as much as $164.50.

Plumbing services are essential if your goal is to lower your water bills. Read on to learn more on instances you need to call for a reliable plumber.

Toilet Overflow

It is quite upsetting to see water all over your house caused by a toilet overflow. An overflowing toilet can be a result of clogs inside the water pipes, blocked vents, or a high filler float. Although you can successfully unclog a pipe, sometimes the blockage can be too complicated.

In case of a complicated situation, you should turn off water supply from the primary source and call your most trusted local plumber.

Sudden Pressure and Temperature Drops

A sudden drop in the pressure of the water running out of your kitchen pipe is a call for alarm. Once you have ascertained that the pressure drop is happening in your house, a leak could be the problem. Leaks can be anywhere, including on a pipe inside a concrete wall. In such instances, call the plumber to fix the problem immediately.

A drop in temperatures of water in a heated water system is also a sign of a faulty heating system. Faults in the heating system mean that you will need to purchase and install a new water heater. Such a problem could be complex, so it is another reason to call a professional plumber who also doubles as an electrician.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping water falling on the floor or a collecting jar can be irritating. No matter how hard you work to collect the dripping water, most of it goes to waste. Besides, you might be tricked to dismiss the dripping, but in about a month, you might have wasted several litters whose cost translates to a high-water bill. To avoid further loss, seek the help of nearby plumbers.

Poor Drainage

As time moves by, you might notice water that stays atop of your bathroom sink. A blocked drain could cause such a problem. Although you might have managed to cheat the system by using DIY drain cleaning techniques, the drainage fails eventually from deposited debris that escapes into the pipes. To replace old drainage systems, you need to make that brilliant move and seek the help of a plumber.

Sewage overflows

A sewage leak is a severe problem that requires an immediate solution. A sewage leak can be caused by backflow from the sewerage system, a damaged septic tank, or blocked toilet pipes. The problem can be so severe that you might experience backflow from toilets.

Open sewage is a serious health concern. To protect your home, you need to seek emergency plumbing services. The plumbers will work in collaboration with the local health officials, especially if the sewage leaks into your neighborhood.

Final Word

You do not need to shift from house to another due to problems like an overflowing toilet or dripping faucets. These problems can be fixed for good only if you engage a professional plumber. The Sacramento Plumbing Company, for instance, is the right place to sign up for reliable, trained plumbers for your home. Contact us today for more information on plumbing services.