Troublesome Toilets Need Professional Plumbing Attention


Did you know that the average family in the United States uses over 300 gallons of water every day in their home? That is just on average. If there is a toilet in your home that is not working properly you could be wasting even more water which results in higher utility bills. There are many ways a toilet can be troublesome and incredibly frustrating. You need a Sacramento plumber to assist you in getting your toilet working efficiently once again.

Does Your Flusher Work Well?

One problem you may notice immediately with a faulty toilet is phantom flushing. You push the flusher and absolutely nothing happens. The normal action of all of the water being sucked from the bowl doesn’t happen. This problem can become recurring for older toilets, especially if it’s not a high-quality model. Contact a local plumber to look at your flusher and determine if it needs to be replaced or if you need other plumbing services.

The Mysterious Running Toilet

Does your commode run more than you do? Can you hear it from another room, even over your television? Do you hear water that runs constantly then cycles on and off? There are many clues that can help stop a running toilet that are obvious to a Sacramento plumber. Sure, you could purchase parts to fix the problem, but do you honestly know what the problem is? Reach out to a plumber who has the skills and knowledge to determine exactly why your toilet is running and can fix it immediately.

Pay Attention to the Tank

A lot of times homeowners do not pay attention to the tank on a toilet unless there is a problem. Once you remove the lid to investigate, you may notice there is an overabundance of water in the tank. This could cause flooding in your bathroom. Is the inlet valve making a hissing noise? That’s not a good sign. Sure, you could tinker with the tank, but that does not mean you fixed the problem. A licensed and certified Sacramento plumber can find the exact cause of the problem that would be difficult for you to detect.

Have You Noticed That Your Toilet Is Sweaty?

Condensation is known to form on the outside of a commode tank. Weather can become humid, and if the air in your home isn’t cool then a toilet tank can ‘sweat’ excessively. Condensation can drip from your tank and create an unnecessary mess on your bathroom floor causing the area to rot. A nearby plumber is more than happy to come to evaluate the situation and recommend repairs that keep your home healthy and safe so you aren’t facing expensive floor replacements too. </p.

Which Is Worse a Weak Flush or No Flush?

Technically, a weak flush is considered to be worse than no flush. If you have to flush multiple times then you know you are wasting water. A weak flush also gives you the idea that your lavatory is working as it should, just not as well as it should. This is actually false. Your toilet could be clogged or blocked. You could use a plunger to suss out the problem, but calling a Sacramento plumber who has all the right tools and equipment is a better idea. Let them investigate the predicament. It could be clogged holes beneath the rim of your toilet, or there could be an actual clog that requires an emergency plumber.

Your Toilet Is Not Supposed to Move

Have you noticed that your toilet rocks when you sit down? If so, it’s not fastened to the floor solidly. This can also cause plumbing trouble in the near future. The problem occurs when movement breaks down the wax seal and damages it. Before you know it, you will be dealing with leaks and major repairs. A Sacramento plumber knows how to steady rocking toilets so your worries are put to an end.