Water Heater Installation: Why Should not Attempt this By Yourself

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People embrace DIY home projects because it helps them save money on their service needs and deal with an issue cheaply. While there is nothing wrong in taking the job in your hands with some projects, water heater installation is one task that you must not attempt yourself. It is a big and responsible job that must be handled by the professionals that deal with water heater installation and water heater repair Oakland. Installing a hot water heater needs someone who is profesional, has skills and training to perform it safely. With doing it on your own, you could end up making mistakes which could lead to more expenses. Or worse, you can get into trouble. Improper installation can result in a water heater explosion too.

Let me break down the important reasons why water heater installation is a professional’s job and what could go wrong if you take on the job.

  • Replacement may not be necessary
    If you call a licensed water heater installation technician, he will first assess your old water heater to determine whether you need a replacement or your water heater unit is repairable. Being unprofessional and a person having no professional training to evaluate the unit, it’s hard for you to make a good assessment. Thus, you could end up replacing your unit that is not necessary.
  • Professional has the skills and experience
    When installation is done incorrectly, it can lead to water heater failure eventually or even an explosion. For safe and effective water heater installation, calling a licensed plumbing company Oakland is crucial. He knows how to install the water heater using the following state and local codes. Moreover, if an issue arises after the installation and it is still under warranty, you can contact a licensed technician to look into the problem and get it solved.

Taking on a water heater installation’s job requires you to be good at implementing installation methods, plumbing, electrical, fittings, heating, carpentry, heating, including skills in safety methods.

Unless you’re professional, there are high chances of making mistakes that can have serious consequences. Thus, to prevent yourself from paying for more expenses due to improper installation and all the trouble that comes afterwards, it’s best you hire a licensed water heater installation expert.

For proper and correct fittings
During water heater installation, there are various fittings that need to be done including temperature pressure relief valve. If it is done correctly, the water heater is not far from failing. If the pressure builup in the tank is not at the right amount, your water heater will get overly heated and too little. The pressure relief valve helps to prevent the too much pressure build inside the tank that can lead to burst ( explosion) and flooding. So, it must be fitted correctly.

Product Knowledge
A licensed and skilled water heater professional is aware of product knowledge. They will help you get the right size of water heater and the right model according to the specific needs you have. That’s why a professional company dealing with plumbing, water heater and Oakland drain cleaning services is what you need to reach.

Risk of Explosion
Water heaters that use gas are highly flammable. Even small mistakes can turn into serious accidents. Wrong installation can cause gas leak, or an explosion and fire. So, you may put your family at the safety risk by attempting the installation yourself.