Why Camera Inspection is Essential for Drains and Pipes

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Cameras can see things that we are unable to see manually. Now, we have the video cameras that can capture the images and video of even plumbing. Thanks to modern technology, now we have small cameras specially designed for plumbing inspection. Modesto Plumbers can inspect drain pipes in your home with these tiny and waterproof cameras. These cameras are so small and perfect to be inserted into the plumbing with a sewer cable. As these cameras can travel inside the plumbing, plumbers can see the cause of the problems and detect issues.

What is drain video camera inspection ?

It involves the use of a small camera tied to a sewer rod. Because of its size, it can travel to any drain pipe and get to the area where a human eye can’t go. Through this camera, it’s easy for a plumber to see what is the problem inside the drain line.

Benefits of using video camera inspection for drain lines:

  • The precision
    When a plumber inspect your drain pipe using this video camera, he will get to see exactly the cause of the problem. So, for an accurate inspection, using this camera is important. There is no chance for an error. You will know exactly what is going on inside your drain pipe.
  • Less professionals are needed to inspect the drain issue
    Using a video camera inspection eradicates the need of digging up a hole on the ground. As a result, less labour will be required in video camera inspection. The camera has the perfect size to travel down any drain’s size or shape.
  • To prevent potential issues
    When you’re having a video camera inspection in drain lines, it will not only detect clog, but also detect other issues that can show up in the future. So, it addresses more than just your drain cleaning modesto issues. From leaks, to root invasion, to other cracks in pipe, a video camera inspection can see and capture it all. So, if you use a video camera inspection, it will diagnose other issues in your drain line as well.

Here are some issues a video camera inspection will detect other than clogs

  • Exact location of cracks in pipes
  • Pest or root infiltration
  • Other issues that may be the cause of concern

When should you call for a video camera inspection ?

Whether your drain line needs a video camera inspection or not, this is a decision that will be made by a professional plumber. But, here are some of the scenarios where a video camera inspection may be the best to use.

  • Blockages in drain
  • Backed up drains
  • Smelling sewerage
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains
  • Pests
  • Slower drains

Why use video camera inspection?

  • It detects problem rapidly
  • Prevent future drain issues

Homeowners need to maintain their plumbing for a functional, clear and effective drain line system. But plumbing maintenance on your own is quite challenging, that’s why a video camera inspection can come to rescue. A video camera service is the best way to detect problems in your drains and inspect your drain. Call a reputable plumbing and water heater repair Modesto company and discuss with him if a camera inspection can be done for your drains.

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