3 Things You Never Want To Pour Down The Drain


There are tons of things we pour down our sinks and drains every day from old cereal milk to pasta water. But there are a few things you should never pour down your drain, even if your home has a heavy-duty garbage disposal.

Certain products and liquids can cause clogs in your plumbing that can be difficult to repair. To help you avoid these issues, here are three things you never want to pour down your drain.

  • Cooking oil, grease, and other fats. When you’re done cooking bacon on a lazy Sunday morning, your first instinct may be to pour the grease down your sink and wash the rest out of the pan. But grease, oils, and leftover fats from cooking meats like bacon can cause a whole lot of issues for your plumbing. These oils can congeal and create a sludge in your pipes. This results in blockages. Mayonnaise and salad dressings also count as oils, so keep your salad bowls out of the sink until they have time to congeal. Once the oils have solidified in the pan or bowl, scoop them out into the garbage can.
  • Egg shells. Some homeowners may not know that you can’t drop egg shells into their garbage disposals. It might surprise you, but the shells from eggs are hard on your disposal blades. The membranes inside the shell can also wrap around the grinding apparatus of your disposal. The shell bits can also compound other blockages once they’ve been ground down into tiny pieces. That said, once you crack your eggs, drop the shells into the garbage can or compost bin.
  • Pasta noodles. Pasta noodles may also be a surprise for some homeowners. After all, your garbage disposal can shred them as they go down the drain. But pasta noodles continue to expand with moisture even when torn apart by your garbage disposal. Every time you run your faucet, the sticky semolina flour from the noodles will expand and gum up your plumbing. They can also fill your garbage disposal trap. So the next time you have old ziti in your fridge, scrape it into the garbage and not down the sink.

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