5 Consequences of a Clogged Drain

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If water is unable to flow through the drain or its speed has slowed down, there is a good chance that your drain is clogged. Depending on the severity of the clog, your toilet might also start overflowing. Another sign indicating that you have a clogged drain is that water fills in your tub while you are taking a shower.

Most homeowners feel that a clogged drain is a trivial annoyance. They try to use a plunger or pour in some chemical drain cleaners to allow the water to flow through. However, this is not always the right solution. Sometimes a clogged drain can lead to serious repercussions and needs professional Oakland drain cleaning services.

Let’s take a look at five consequences you can face if your drain is clogged.

  1. Plumbing Leaks

Due to clogs, water tends to back up in the drainpipe of plumbing fixtures. Consequently, you encounter plumbing leaks in pipes connected to garbage disposals, sinks, and tubs. As water stands in these pipes, there are leaks through the seals and caulking.

These leaks are not easily noticeable to the homeowners. However, when left undetected for a long time, these leaks become breeding grounds for mold growth. Moreover, they damage the surrounding structure leading to untoward situations wherein you require the services of emergency plumbers in Oakland.

  1. Unpleasant Smell

The drain is used to pour down many things like waste, hair, food, soap scum, and more. Clogging of drains means that all these substances build up in the pipes. It also triggers the growth of bacteria. This bacteria then releases an unpleasant odor.

The smell is not limited to the sink. It can spread to different parts of the house. While the horrible smell does not cause any structural damage to your plumbing fixtures, it can make it difficult for you to stay indoors. If you have guests over, the smell can be embarrassing. Some discomforting odors also have physiological effects.

  1. Water contamination

The chances of water contamination increase as waste accumulates in pipes of clogged drains. When water passes through this waste and bacteria in the pipes, it becomes contaminated. Additionally, the waste stuck in pipes can cause the water to flow in the opposite direction, leading to dirty water.

  1. Structural Damage

Sometimes, clogged drains make the water flow backward. When water flows backward, it can enter into the foundation of your home. This accumulation of water near the foundation can damage or weaken the structure.

In severe cases, clogged drains can lead to flooding in homes. Even your water heater can bear the brunt as sediments deposit at the bottom of the tank, damaging its parts. As clogged drains cause damage to the structure or fixtures of your home, you may have to pay for costly concrete damage repairs and water heater repair in Oakland.

  1. Pests

Stagnant water is often an outcome of blocked pipes and clogged drains. Insects such as mosquitoes are attracted to this stagnant water. Apart from mosquitoes, some other insects thrive and also lay eggs in clogged drains. The growth of pests is particularly apparent in drains that are clogged with food as pests receive a steady diet with this waste.

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