Bathroom Sink Drain Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Bathroom Sink Drain Installation Mistakes to Avoid

The cost of redesigning a bathroom can be high, so curious homeowners try their attempt at DIY repair and redesigning to cut costs; however, not every homeowner is an expert in bathroom plumbing. Using low-quality material can cause drain leaks and add more cost to the budget because of maintenance and replacement expenses. Therefore, investing in high-quality sink drain parts goes a long way. It is recommended to call professional plumbers in Sacramento for installation and replacement because they will know how to do the job right. Many homeowners commit the following bathroom sink drain installation mistakes.

​ 1. Too much putty

Plumbers putty is a soft, moldable sealant applied to install a bathroom sink drain. It gives a leak-proof seal for years if you know to use it correctly. However, an extra application could lead to a sloppy look and damage the sink’s fixture and other plumbing components. You should call an expert for plumbing in Sacramento, CA, to deal with these issues.

​ 2. Over tight connections

You should fasten connections as tight as possible, but the truth is that not every connection needs an over-tight joint. The pipes expand due to the temperature of the water flowing through them, which may cause too-tight connections to crack and cause expensive repairs. Ensure the connections are barely hand-tight and washers have enough putty to operate successfully.

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​ 3. Sink drain material

Poor-quality material deteriorates faster and causes unnecessary repair and replacement costs. The sink drain parts begin to lose their look. Some of them accumulate rust all over them, indicating severe damage. As a result, it is crucial to provide careful consideration while selecting the finest material for the sink drain components.

4. Lack of Tools

Enthusiast homeowners do not realize the importance of using the correct tools. The leading plumbing company in Sacramento uses specialized equipment, such as professional-grade wrenches and hand augers. When fixing plumbing on your own, you might not have these tools available, or you might not know how to use them. Lack of preparation can lead to errors, worsening any existing plumbing problems. Improper installation can lead to drain clogging.

5. Drain Cleaners

Many drain cleaners have harmful chemicals. The chemicals can damage pipes and can result in skin burns. The exterior surface or lining of the sink drain pieces is damaged when corrosion occurs, and they begin to look worn out. Their color varies along with their appearance. Instead of employing drain cleaners, a professional disconnect the pipes and eliminates clogs with tools.


Avoid doing it yourself, and hire a professional plumber to install new bathroom sink drains instead. You can ensure that your project is successfully finished and runs smoothly, adhering to these rules. Hiring an expert for drain cleaning in Sacramento prevents future expensive problems for better maintenance of your house plumbing.