How Do I Choose A New Water Heater?


When you’re choosing a replacement water heater, it’s a good idea to choose a water heating system that’s energy-efficient and will provide your family with enough hot water. It’s important to consider the fuel source and the overall size of the heater to make sure it’ll work for your home.

But what kind of fuel source water heaters are there? and how can you be sure you’re choosing the right model for your home? Consider our water heating system guide below to help you get started.

What are the types of water heaters?

Before you invest in a replacement water heater, it’s good to know the different types of water heating systems that are available to you. Here are the most common types of water heating systems:

  • Tankless water heaters. These water heaters heat your water directly on a demand-type basis without the use of a storage tank.
  • Solar water heaters. These water heaters use energy from the sun to heat your water.
  • Conventional storage water heaters. These water heaters provide a storage tank of hot water that’s ready for use when you need it.
  • Tankless coil water heaters. Also known as indirect water heaters, these water heaters use the home’s space heating system to provide you with hot water.
  • Heat pump water heaters. Instead of generating heat directly to provide hot water in the home, these systems move heat from one place to another.

What are the different fuel types for water heating?

Each of the different water heating systems listed above use different fuel sources. Depending on which system you choose, you can be more energy-efficient and save on utilities.

These are the fuel types for different water heaters:

  • Electricity. Used for conventional water heating tanks, tankless water heaters, and heat pump water heaters.
  • Geothermal energy. Used for geothermal heat pump systems.
  • Propane. Used for conventional water heating tanks, tankless water heaters, space heating systems, and indirect combination water heating systems.
  • Natural gas. Used for conventional water heating systems, tankless water heaters, and indirect water heaters.
  • Solar energy. Used for solar water heating systems.

Looking for a replacement water heater?

If you need water heater maintenance, you’re not alone. In fact, experts recommend removing and draining the sediment from your water heater at least once per year. But sometimes you need more than maintenance; you need a replacement water heater.

Preferred Plumbing and Drain offers drain cleaning, rooter services, and new water heaters for when you need your water heater replaced. For more information on our replacement water heaters or to schedule an appointment, contact Preferred Plumbing and Drain today.

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