How to Prevent Sewage Backup in House?

How to Prevent Sewage Backup in House

A sewage blockage is a nasty problem caused by many factors, such as clogged drain pipes and heavy rainfall. Homeowners can prevent these problems by maintaining the plumbing system for smooth pipe flow. Blocked sewage pipe leads to foul smell and unsanitary conditions in your house. Additionally, sewage backups damage floors, electrical systems, furnishings, and walls. When septic tank malfunctions, no DIY solution can work. Consulting experienced plumbers in San Jose can help tackle the problem efficiently.

​Here Are the Ways of Preventing Sewage Backup.

​Regular Sewer Inspections

Professional inspections are necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of your sewage system. For example, a plumbing company in Sacramento can identify damages, cracks, and clogs to offer a relevant solution. Professionals have advanced cleaning equipment to clean sewer lines and a camera to find hidden cracks that are detrimental. Cleaning sewer lines is necessary before major blockages happen.

​Putting Unwanted Things in the Drain

Be mindful of what you flush down the drain because it may cause expensive damage. Pouring things like grease, oil, kitchen waste, sanitary papers, coffee grounds, wipes, and dental floss cause stubborn obstruction in your sewage lines.

​Install Check Valves

Consult a plumber and install check valves to prevent sewage water from sneaking into your plumbing fittings or floor drains. Installing in on your floor drains and basement plumbing fixtures helps prevent basement flooding.

​Sewage Pump Maintenance

Maintain your sump pump and ensure it doesn’t sit on dirt or gravel because it can damage the motor. Instead, set it down on a level, stable block. To prevent debris from entering the sump basin, ensure the basin is surrounded with filter fabric.

​Replace Old Sewer Lines

If your sewer lines are made of cast iron or clay pipes, tree roots can penetrate these materials leading to cracks and holes. Tree root intrusion causes clogs in the main line. Consult an expert for the inspection and replacement of pipes.

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​Signs of a Sewage Backup

  • Multiple drains blockages
  • Bubbling sounds emanating from toilets
  • Unusual water levels in the toilet
  • The toilet or shower drain backs up, or slow-running drains
  • Low water pressure
  • Back-up appears in the shower, tub, or floor drain
  • Pungent sewage smells
  • Lush green grass outside
  • Cleanout pipe leaks


Sewage blockages can occur for several reasons and need expensive repairs. Your basement is also prone to sewage backups. Since sewage water is full of bacteria and other contaminants, it is dangerous for health if the treatment is delayed. Using a DIY approach can be risky for your health. Hiring an expert plumber is necessary for detailed inspections and solutions related to water damage. Sewage system maintenance ensures the smooth functioning of your plumbing system throughout the house.

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