Surprising Facts You Probably Never Knew About Plumbing


There are a lot of interesting facts when it comes to plumbing that most people are not aware of — like the fact that indoor plumbing has been around since 3000 BC. Or did you know that a 24/7 plumber that specializes in drain cleaning works around the clock and can potentially log in 60 plus hour work weeks regularly?


Drain cleaning, dealing with broken pipes, and dealing with HVAC issues can all be handled by an emergency plumber Modesto property owners can rely on. These highly skilled tradesmen are always on call ready to help. Today’s plumbers are a credit to this profession. But what else might you not know about plumbing and the professionals who perform these tasks?


Famous Would-Be Plumbers


Becoming a certified plumber is no easy task. It takes a combination of formal classroom training and on-the-job apprenticeship training to become a plumber. Albert Einstein once remarked that if had to do it all again, he would have become the plumber that his parents wanted him to be.


Einstein isn’t the only one who had pipe dreams. Ozzy Osborne from the band Black Sabbath was a plumbing apprentice before he found fame, as well.


The world’s most famous plumbers, of course, are Mario and Luigi — the two brothers from the well-known video game Mario Brothers. Although they aren’t real, they’ve certainly made their mark on pop culture.


Little Known Plumbing Facts


The word plumbing comes from the Latin word plumbum, meaning “lead”. Since most early plumbing was constructed from lead, this makes a lot of sense.. The French called the bathroom “la chamber sent,” which means “smelly room.” The Egyptians referred to the bath as the “house of horrors,” while in Britain, the bathroom is called “the privy” — short for the “room of privacy”.


Flushing toilets were invented in the 1500s by John Harrington but were patented by Alexander Cummings in 1775. Thanks to them, the average person will spend about three years of their life sitting on the throne. Interestingly, toilets are flushed more during Super Bowl half time than any other time of the year.


What Is Stuck In the Pipes?


Plumbing is often used for waste disposal. Plumbers that are called to clear clogs find some of the strangest things stuck in pipes. Plumbers have found snakes, fish, dentures, cell phones, and a long list of other odd items stuck in the drain. Engagement rings lost down the kitchen sink or bathroom sink often prompt a call to an emergency plumber.


Plumbing has an interesting history. It is something you would be hard-pressed to do without. But while you can learn a bit more about plumbing on your own, you’ll want to be sure that you get the expert help you need to care for your plumbing.