Things that are Safe or Not Safe to Put Down your Drains

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The drains of your house let you keep the waste away from your home. What if they get clogged because of the things you were throwing down the drain without caring much?

If you don’t what is safe to put down your drain or what is not, you can run into a clogged drain problem or even serious problems, which will need a professional drain cleaning Stockton service to unblock the drain.

We have come up with useful information on preventing your drains from clogs and blockages and keep them functioning effectively.

However, frequent clogs and blockages indicate a bigger issue. Speak to experienced drain cleaning and water heater repair Stockton professionals to perform an inspection and find the problem.

Here is what you can let down the drain, which will not cause a problem later.

Liquids ( including milk, tea, beverages, or all liquid substances)

All liquid substances can go down the drain without creating an issue. You can even let the coffee down the drain but it should have no grounds in it.

Toilet paper

When it comes to toilet drains, toilet paper and human waste are the things that should go down the drain.

Liquid soaps and shampoos

Liquid soaps and soaps that don’t produce scum can be flushed down the drains. But, to avoid any possible clog in the future, you can pour boiled water down your drains to break down the scum if any.

Things that should not go down your drains

  • Grease, fats, and oils

Grease is one of the things that are most likely to be put down the drain by homeowners. People assume grease to be a liquid and let it go down the drain thinking it’s not an issue. But, the actual case is, when the grease reaches down the drain, though it is warm when it gets there, it will harden and solidified after some time. This creates a problem as the substance gets stuck inside the drain pipe.

Wipes, tissues

Plumbers Stockton find the most common reason for clogged toilet drains is throwing things other than toilet paper. Female hygiene products, wipes, and tissues should never make their way down the pipe. Even all types of wipes, whether labeled as flushable or not, creates a clog and are not safe to flush down the toilet drain.

Potato peels and vegetable peels

The 2nd worst thing that once can wash down the drain is potato peels. It consists of starchy selves. This starch clog drains. Even vegetable peels are bad for your drains.

Rice and pasta:

Always toss the rice and pasta leftovers in your garbage disposal. Rice expands after they come in contact with water, so they will create a clog. On the other hand, pasta turns into a kind of paste that creates a blockage in the future.

Coffee Grounds:

No matter how lazy you are, always keep your coffee grounds away from the sink drain. Only the coffee can go down the sink. Coffee grounds are very good at clogging drains.

The above tips will help you avoid clogs in drains.

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