What Causes Faucets to Drip?

What Causes Faucets to Drip

Keeping your taps in good working order is necessary to prevent hassles, such as potential water damage and increased monthly water bills. For a single household, a single leaky faucet can lead to 10,000 gallons of water wastage per year, costing hundreds of dollars because many homeowners ignore a dripping faucet. Understanding the causes behind dripping faucets to fix the underlying problem is necessary. In some cases, it could be a plumbing failure. Consulting licensed plumbers in San Jose is the best way to address the problem and get a permanent solution.

Here Are the Causes of Dripping Faucets.

1. Valve Seat Corrosion

The valve seat may be damaged if you discover a leak coming from the spout. Water sediments build up over time rusting the valve seat area and leading to leaky faucets. Regular valve cleaning is necessary to prevent damage. Investing in routine maintenance and inspections from a skilled plumber can help you protect your valve seat and faucet components from damage.

2. Broken Plumbing

Pipes and fittings that are cracked, damaged, or rusted can cause leaky faucets. Cracks that form in corroded or broken pipes can affect your home’s water pressure. Call a plumbing repair agency if you notice broken plumbing. Check the piping beneath the sink if there’s a leak from your faucet that is slow but steady.

3. Worn-out Washers

A common cause of a leaking faucet is broken washers found in a compression faucet. Washers rub up against the valve seat, where they may become worn down because of friction, leading to leaking. If a washer is the wrong size or not installed properly, leakage can occur. You can replace the washer to fix the leaky faucet.

4. O-rings

A little rubber ring called an O-ring surrounds the valve stem. Regular use of your faucet can break them over time. If your O-ring is the problem, you can see the leakage from behind the faucet’s handle. O-ring replacement can solve the problem, but consulting with a local plumber in San Jose is advisable to employ the best solution.


Homeowners often underestimate the damage a leaky faucet can cause in the home. A leaky faucet could increase 10% of your water bill. Consulting with certified plumbers is the best way to deal with leaky faucets because certified plumbing technicians can locate the cause quickly and disassemble your faucet, further replacing the broken parts to revive the functioning. When replacing leaky faucets using DIY methods, it is recommended to seek assistance from a professional plumber who can inspect existing hardware to determine the best solutions.